Sky is the Limit
Photography by L.A Fotographee

Weddings are as unique and special as the couples who envision them. When choosing your Save the Date cards, there are no design rules. You can be as formal or casual as you want to be. This is your opportunity to show your whimsical or intellectual side

Moonlight and magnolias? Show your Southern gentility with a more formal card, show a little romance in your choice of colors and design.

Victorian at heart? Send that message with a lace edged card in hues of cream and pastels.

Coordinator? Design your Save the Date cards to match your invitations.

The geographic location of your wedding can set the tone for your Save the Datcards.  Here are a few ideas we hope will                  stimulate your imagination.

Monograms are always a hit.  Any shape card, including a circle, a triangle, or hexagon could use this idea.  Monograms can be carried throughout your wedding planning: cards, showers, gifts, cupcakes.

Seashells and flip-flops are cute ideas to give a hint of the wedding invitation to come.

If you like souvenirs, send a sea shell glued to the corner of your announcement (a little pricier when mailing) or maybe postcards of the historical site or town where the wedding will be held with your info on the back.  Magnets with the information on them are a useful reminder.  Less costly are cute stickers that your addressee can put in their appointment book. Put your first names on them and attach two or three to your card with all the pertinent info.  Go to a photo booth and send a strip of pictures of the wedding couple. For bibliophiles, print your info on bookmarks.

If you need to mail maps, venues, and other dates, send as much as you can in the card mailing to save postage expense.  You might create a packet similar to brochures given out at business conferences or sightseeing stands.  A precious but small booklet in your colors, maybe a ribbon tie on the front, with pertinent wedding related information such as shower dates, venues, maps is a nice concise way to keep out-of-town guests informed.

 For those of you having a green wedding, you might attach vegetable or flower seed packets to the card.

It’s your wedding.  YOU set the tone.  Have some fun.

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