No one really understands your vision unless you describe it in great detail to them and even then they still may not understand. One way I have learned to help people understand my vision is to create a vision board. Vision boards help me put all my thoughts on paper and use unique and creative items to describe them. My definition of a vision board is a collection of items from  words, pictures, color swatches, and anything you can use to help describe and visualize your vision. I use vision boards at the start of a new project or when I want to really focus on my goals in life.

Vision boards are the perfect tools to help communicate your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and visions to those who will help you plan, organize, and enjoy your perfect wedding day. Vision boards are also great for helping you organize and visualize your thoughts.

 Things you need to have on hand for your vision board:

1.               Foam core board, poster, or paper

2.               Glue

3.               Scissors

4.               Sources of inspiration


Steps to help you create your vision board:

1. Begin your personal vision board by collecting pictures of wedding dresses, invitations, cakes, and flowers, fabric swatches, and so forth that you may find in magazines, on the internet or in any place that you find inspiration.

2.  Visualize how you want your guests to fill when they receive your invites, arrive at your wedding ceremony and reception.

3. Grab your piece of foam core board, scissors, markers and anything you feel is necessary to get your creative juices flowing and move the process along.

Now you just begin to create!!! Happy Creating!!

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