“iPlan Things is my brand, my company, my baby,” says Alicia Corley. She started iPlan Things a few years ago when she decided to follow her passion to work in the event planning industry. Let’s take a trip Jackson, Mississippi to learn more about design and flowers.

C&C: Tell us what iPlan Things is all about?

AC: Having always had a desire to be in the event planning industry, I began to develop the brand and work toward that goal. As of now, I offer planning, strategizing, and coordinating assistance for events, in addition to designing and managing events. I am also working towards offering project management assistance.

C&C: How did you get into floral design?

AC: While building my own brand, I was blessed with an opportunity to work with a veteran in the event and floral design industry. I work as the Assistant Social & Marketing Manager to David Spurk of Petal Pushers.

I’ve been fortunate to learn about floral design and grow my knowledge about the industry in general. It has also been a big help in expanding my network in the industry.

It’s been an amazing learning experience and opportunity. I love flowers and couldn’t ask for a better way to hone my design skills.

C&C: What is your personal design style?

AC: My personal design style is a cross of chic- elegant and simple-minimalism.

C&C: What are good tips you give brides when selecting a florist?

AC: The first and most important factor when selecting any vendor is to pay close attention to chemistry between yourself and that vendor. Planning a wedding is a stressful event, so choosing a vendor you feel comfortable with is important.

Establish clarity about what you want and do not want…more importantly, the “don’t want” part. When designing for a wedding or any event, a florist may select to alter elements of the design in order to meet the client’s requests on budget and theme.

It is important for the bride to know which flowers in the colors they want are available during the time of year when the wedding will be held. Otherwise, they could arrive at the wedding and reception venues to find beautiful, yellow gladiola arrangements, a flower they hate.

Do your research, know exactly what you want…or do not want, and be sure the florist and you are on the same page.

C&C: What are some wedding flower trends in the Jackson area?
AC: Floral designers in this area each have their own distinct style and represent them well. Succulents and earthy, green plants are an emerging trend in the floral industry. And, like most design industries, these trends change with the seasons.

C&C: What are some different types of popular wedding flowers?

AC: Peonies are a popular flower. Brides have been in love with peonies for the last few spring and summer seasons. And, an oldie but goody choice is roses. There are so many varieties to choose from, and they are all beautiful.

C&C: What is the most unique flower arrangement you have made?

AC: I made a mixed floral arrangement using King Proteas, eucalyptus, and green foliage for a corporate account. It had a tropical design that looked great.

C&C: How can a bridal couple save money when selecting flowers?

AC: Select flowers that are easily accessible for the time of the year. Select floral products that are readily available, which brings down the price.

Talk to your floral designers to learn design tips that may not require the use of flowers. Be creative in designing your wedding, open to new ideas.

C&C: What popular wedding flowers are in season in the fall and winter?

AC: Alstroemeria, calla lily, dahlias, ranunculus



C&C: What popular wedding flowers are in season in the spring and summer?

AC: Poms, sunflowers, peonies, and tropical flowers like bird of paradise.



C&C: What popular flowers are in season all year long?

AC: Carnations, roses (grown in countries outside the United States)


C&C: How can a couple get creative with their wedding flowers and a bride with her bouquet?

AC: To achieve the overall style you want for your wedding with the flowers available is a great way to remain open to creativity. Incorporating elements that are reflective of the bride and the couple are a wonderful way to be creative in design selection.

C&C: What are some different elements that can really make centerpiece and a bouquet pop?

AC: A fragrant bouquet is a lovely way. Of course, don’t use fragrance if the bride or members of the wedding party have problems with allergies. Garden roses are some of the most beautiful smelling roses. They literally smell pretty.

Stunning centerpieces can be created with eye-catching artistry that everyone loves. My boss at Petal Pushers is an expert at this. Centerpieces that compliment the wedding theme and merge into the overall design of the event seamlessly, refine the ambiance without one element over-saturating the others.

C&C: How far in advance does a couple need to order flowers for their centerpieces and bouquets?

AC: Typically, I advise brides to select and meet with their floral designer as soon as the venue is booked. Venue plays a huge role in floral design. Waiting until the last minute for the floral designer to give you a design and estimate and then order your flowers will put you further behind than you realize. Generally, flowers for centerpieces and bouquets shouldn’t be ordered more than six weeks from the event.

C&C: What are the top five tips to help brides get the perfect bouquet and centerpiece arrangements they want?

AC: Being flexible and open-minded makes things go much more smoothly.

1. Be open minded. A good florist has the knowledge and experience to assist you to achieve your desired look.

2. Set a budget. It is one of the most important elements to help you work with vendors. They must have a clear idea of what you intend to spend before the two of your start to dream your perfect wedding.

3. Know what you want and what you do not want, but remain flexible.

4. Be conscious of selecting fragrant flowers that trigger allergic reactions, especially if you have a large bridal party. You want everyone to enjoy your special day with you.

5. Get creative with elements that reflect you and your betrothed’s personalities individually and as a couple. It makes the event so personal.

C&C: Any last minute tips you would like to share?

AC: Your wedding day marks the foundation of your new family. Make decisions based on what makes the two of you happy.

C&C: What is your favorite quote?

AC: I have two that I’m living by right now.

“Let’s do what we love and lots of it.” Marc Jacobs

“A leader is a dealer in hope.” Napoleon

Floral Designs by David Spurk Petal Pushers


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