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Happy Thursday and its Time for a New Blog. This week we have a guest blogger post. Let’s welcome Sanaa Brooks. Sanaa is 22 years old, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, a mother of a beautiful little girl, and a lover of all things wedding, music and marketing related. Sanaa started blogging before it became “cool” and has went from having a wedding blog, to a music blog, to finally transitioning to her lifestyle blog, Sanaa Brooks, in 2014. Sanaa has also blogged for The New York Wedding Company and continues to guest blog for others as she continues to grow her own blog. Today she will be talking about summer wedding etiquette.
With summer quickly approaching, wedding season is in full effect! (Time to par-tay!) But even if you’re not attending a wedding this summer, you may find these tips very handy in the case that you do attend a summer wedding at any point and time in your lifespan, as these rules don’t just apply to Summer 2015.

Short dresses are a summer statement but wearing a dress that’s too short to a wedding may be inappropriate. A wedding is usually a formal function, so leave the short, tight dresses at home ladies. There’s no reason you should look like you’re heading to the club! However, if long dresses aren’t your type, opt for a short cocktail dress. (Just as long as the dress doesn’t show anything when you bend down to pick up the fork you dropped, everything should be okay.)

Dress colors tend to be an issue sometimes, as some women never know what color to wear. Bright colors are trendy during the summer, so why not wear something colorful? Try to stay away from the colors white and black, as white is traditionally supposed to be the Bride’s dress color and black is traditionally worn at a funeral. Even if you’re not traditional, that doesn’t mean that the bride and groom aren’t.

Dress style’s are always important, especially if the wedding you’re attending will be held in a church as they may deem it a bit inappropriate to show your shoulders. So how can you still wear that beautiful strapless dress you just bought? Cover up with a light scarf that matches your dress, that way you’ll be covered up while inside the church, and you can take it off once your outside. (No need for a jacket when it’s 90 degrees out.)

Declining an invitation, is totally fine if you’ve already planned a vacation getaway or if you have family events to attend during that time, as the summer is a very popular time for others to getaway and relax. There is no reason you HAVE to say yes and change your schedule just because you feel obligated to attend. However, if you are saying no, please do so graciously. Mention that although you would love to attend, you already have plans that may not be able to be rescheduled. (It’s up to YOU if you want to send a gift if you can’t attend the actual wedding, just because you can’t attend, doesn’t mean you have to send them a gift! Although the thought is always appreciated.)

Quit complaining, we’re ALL hot! However, no one wants to hear someone constantly complain about the heat! So make sure you check the weather that day before attending and be prepared! If it’s an outdoor wedding, bring an extra bottle of water for during the ceremony. May be you’ll also want to bring a paper fan? For those who sweat a lot, try bringing a small towel, so your face isn’t covered in sweat while you’re taking photos, even if the rest of your body is.

Although we can’t please everyone, taking certain precautions when attending weddings can make things a bit easier for everyone! But try not to stress anything too much! Weddings are supposed to be a time for having fun, not a time for stressing yourself out. So enjoy it while you can!

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