Romance of the Wedding Registry
Romance of the Wedding Registry


Guests enjoy seeing what you choose. It brings to mind their wedding days and the joy and hope involved in our special traditions. Give them the opportunity to share in your personal day. Some brides shy away from anything but the most fanciful notions of this modern-day hope chest, selecting only the traditional items such as a china or silver pattern. But the majority of 21st Century brides are practical and give the people they will share their special day with a wider variety of choices and prices while listing the things they truly need. Whether you have the basics or need everything to start your new life as a married couple, your wedding registry should be a mixture of your dreams and needs. It’s your chance to share a personal side of you and your groom, an inside look at your future.


Include some beautiful and special items on your list for the romantic souls of the guests who always buy those special things we love. A crystal bowl or vase, a silver tray or dish, or a porcelain bowl are all things that you will treasure using for decades to come and the guests will take pride in giving.


Include things you will need like cookie sheets, colanders, and measuring cups or sheets, towels, and cotton napkins. Glassware includes tea, highball, and margarita glasses. Grooms often list grilling items like a utensil set or grilling cookware for fish and veggies. Many of your guests always take the practical side, knowing how extensive the needs of a well-ordered kitchen or bath are. If you’re fresh out of college, practical (with a little beauty for the fun of it) might be the best way to go. Whether you choose the all-beautiful route, the all practical route, or a mixture of both, here are a few tips to help you plan.


Neutral colors for the larger palette give you a wider screen to work from as you move from place to place and you blend two different ideas of colors. Throw pillows, pictures, and accessories can incorporate the color into a room.


Don’t waste a gift duplicating something you or your groom already have. You might be pleasantly surprised what combining households will yield, besides the obvious.


Everyday dishes and glassware are a must as are pots and pans, baking sheets and pans, microwavable dishes and bowls, flatware, salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowl and creamer, butter dish, pie plate, cooking utensils, a grater, potato peeler, spatula and measuring spoons, coffee and tea pots and pitchers, a mixer and cake pans, and don’t forget cookbooks! Add colorful specialty items: dishtowels, place mats and tablecloths, salad bowls, cheese board, cutting boards, paper towel and pot holders, a blender and food chopper, waffle iron, juicer – the sky is the limit! Williams Sonoma and Target have long lists of ideas.


Go trendy in the kitchen and use a classic look in neutral colors for your special dining needs. Trends change frequently and china and formal flatware is expensive. Traditional looks in dinnerware lend themselves to trendy colors in napkins, flowers, and linens and will last you a lifetime. Love Asian-inspired pink peonies? You might not like them ten years from now when the president of the company will be at your formal dinner party. But, if you do, use them in the table linens, candles, and flowers. Impress your dinner guests with your classic style blesses with a pop of color. Linens Now’s the time to go for the high thread count cotton (400 – 500 count) that gives you the feeling of luxury and will stand up to frequent washing. Be sure and list the sheet size – queen, king and for every set of sheets get 4 – 6 pillowcases to plump up your new romantic environment. Blankets are often a very personal choice, so register what you like: cotton, silk/wool blends, heavy/light weight, size, and colors. Duvets, bedspreads, afghans, and bed skirts make a big difference in the ambience of your bedroom. Always list the colors you want. Indulge your love of luxuriously thick towels for the bath. And don’t forget gorgeous guest towels (wash and disposable). With registered colors (neutral is best here too), guests for your wedding can also choose candles, bath accessories, and beautifully crafted soaps. Nothing keeps romance alive like bubble bath for two.

Your Best Friend – A List Always, always, always record who gave you what gift the minute you open it. The easiest way is to create a list with all the guest names and a column to record what they sent. If you’re computer savvy, make a table or a spreadsheet. Leave plenty of room to record sizes, colors, brands and any other pertinent information so you won’t get one person’s gift confused with another. Do the same for every shower gift and get those thank you notes in the mail quickly. Hopefully, they will be piling up and the sooner you thank your guest, the more appreciative they will be and the less stressed you will be.

One Last Thing

If you love antiques, gardening, or any specialty store, include them in your registry. Go the antique store and work with the owner to choose your items. You can let guests at showers know where you are registered through the invitation or the hostess of the event. You can let your wedding guests know where you are registered with a small card or note slipped into the envelope.


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