Happy Wednesday! It’s time for another feature. Let’s head to Miami for a photographer spotlight and talk to Amor Capdevila of Amor Capdevila Photography.

CC: Tell us a little bit about you and your company?

AC:To start off, I’m Amor Capdevila. Born and raised in Miami, I come from a large Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Filipino family. I have a passion for families and kids. I started doing photography as a hobby and I loved it so much I turned into my profession. I believe that we are the ones who can create our own paths of happiness and that’s what I’m doing with my photography.

CC: What are some good tips you would give to brides when selecting a photographer?

AC: I believe that you have to truly love the photographers work. Also take the time to build a relationship with your photographer meet with them for coffee and get to know them. Express to them what your expectations are and observe how they work to fulfill your expectations.

CC: What is your photography style?

AC: I would say that my photography style is vibrant and full of emotion. I want people to be able to feel emotions through my photographs. I want people to feel the emotion through the smiles, colors and backgrounds captured in the photos.

Photography by Amor Capedevila Photography

CC: Should couples create a shot list of the shots they would like?

AC: I believe that couples should take the time and discuss the important shots they want captured; such as a picture of a great grandparent. It’s important for your photographer to know what your expectations are, so they can capture the best shots possible.

CC: When is the best time to take pictures of the bride and groom, and bridal party?

AC: The ideal time is right after the ceremony. This is an ideal time because right after the ceremony allows guest to get settled in at the reception providing the photographer and bridal party time to take photographs. It is also ideal because the sun is setting which is perfect lighting for taking beautiful photographs.

CC: What are some good tips to help couples work with their photographer to ensure they get the best pictures?

AC: Have a shot list but also don’t worry about the time and enjoy the moment. The best pictures happen in the moment.

CC: How can a couple get creative with their photos?

AC: Couples can get creative with their photos by selecting a location that encompasses something about them and what they love to do together or they can incorporate their pets, children or collection of cars.

CC: What is the most creative photo that you have ever taken?

AC: The most creative and fun shoot I have done would be kayaking out and following my couple around without the wife knowing. The whole time I was capturing the shots of her excitement while he was proposing.

Photography by Amor Capedevila Photography
Photography by Amor Capedevila Photography

CC: Any final tips you would give to couples to make sure they get those wedding photos are unique and special to them?

AC: Really take the time to build a relationship with your photographer so they understand the look that you want for your photos. You should hold the reins with the feeling you want out of your photos and your photographer is just there to capture them.

Thanks so much Amor for these Awesome tips. Want to connect with Amor check out her website at amorcapedevilaphotography.com and be sure to follow her on Instagram at @Amorcapdevilaphotography. View some of her awesome work below.

Photography by Amor Capedevila Photography
Photography by Amor Capedevila Photography

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