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Hey!!! Who doesn’t love CAKE!!! I know I do. This past weekend I attended a BEAUTIFUL Wedding in Destin, Florida. I really enjoyed the wedding and my mini vacation. It is always good to just take a break and enjoy the moment with your friends. That is exactly what my weekend consisted of and I ENJOYED it thoroughly. You guys know when I attend weddings I love to take pictures of the cake!!! Well here is the picture of the cake from the wedding I attended this past weekend. I love the details from the fondant bow, to the little rhinestones on the cake, to the designs in the tiers of the cake, the rhinestones around the bow and around the tiers of the cake. We at Champagne and Cake LOVE this cake and congrats to newly married couple!!

Cake by: Lolo’s Cakes and Sweets Crestview Florida

Donnell Wedding

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