While there are many companies offering wedding packages abroad, and you can take out all the services under one contract, you want to be in control of choosing the venue and the hotel, as well as the different services. While standard packages are great for those who don’t have time for getting involved in planning and want to save money, if you want to customize your experience, you will need an event planner company. Find out why.

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You Might Not Speak the Language

It is hard to communicate with all the service providers if you don’t speak their language. They might speak broken English, but there is a greater chance of misunderstanding each other. If you hire a wedding planner who speaks your language and the one used in the country, you can make sure that all your requirements and wishes are communicated clearly.

You Have Special Photo Requirements

If you would like to get your photo taken in a historic place, you will need special permission. A professional an experienced planner can get in touch with companies like Vittore Buzzi photography to find out more about the requirements of booking a special venue or getting your photo taken at a memorial place. You don’t want to get into trouble just because you chose a historic place to get your wedding pictures set.  

You Need to Make Special Travel Arrangements for Disabled Guests

If you are inviting guests who are ill, disabled, or elderly, you will need to arrange health care and checkups for them, as well as special facilities. If you have a wedding planner, you can communicate this need with them and they can help you choose the most suitable venue and form of transport for all your guests. Likewise, if you are inviting children, you might want to get a separate party for them and daily supervision, and without knowing the local customs, this will prove to be a challenge.

They Might Not Know Your Cuisine

If you want to get your traditional dishes served on your wedding abroad, you might be disappointed by the flexibility of your selected hotel. If you trust an event planner with arranging your menu, they can communicate your special requirements and make sure that everything tastes the same as it does at home.

You Don’t Know the Local Law

There is no guarantee that you can register your marriage after you return from your wedding, unless you get a professional put some measures in place. You should check the local regulations, but also seek professional advice from your event planner. The last thing you want to happen is having to get married again in your home country. Having an experienced wedding professional can save you a lot of misery.

Whether you are having a beach wedding in Asia or are planning a romantic reception in Venice, you can benefit from hiring a wedding planner. You will be able to communicate with them directly, and make sure that all the things are in place that make your big day special.

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