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Today we are talking with the owner of All of You Bridal’s, Ursula White, shares the reason she opened her successful company and some innovative info on the creative process.

C&C:  What inspired you to open All of You Bridal’s?
UW: I created my company because when my husband and I got married 15 years ago, I could not find the types of colorful wedding accessories that I wanted for the wedding. I made everything for our wedding, and the items were such a big success that friends and friends of friends, as well as family members, wanted similar beautiful items their weddings.

C&C: What are the most unique items you’ve made?
UW: I’ve had the opportunity to create so many unique items! Probably, the most different and unique item was a divorce ring pillow. But for a wedding, the best was a ring pillow in a glass bowl filled with fake water and rubber ducks. I loved that one!

C&C: What are some creative ideas that couples can use to get creative with their ring pillows, garters, flower baskets, and more?
UW: I have a very creative mind and can get lost in the designs if the decisions are left up to me with no limits. My designs span from theatrical to simple elegance. There is a never-ending palette of colorful ideas.

C&C: Are there any last minute tips you would offer to brides when it comes to creating their wedding dream wedding accessories?
UW: Don’t wait too late to order. Too many brides wait to choose accessories and miss the chance to have what they really wanted. Custom designs are lots of fun to create and bring out the couples personalities, but quality work, like mine, takes time to design and a lot of work to complete.

C&C: What is your favorite quote?
UW: Everything happens for a reason.

C&C: How can a couple shop for your lovely designs?
UW: Visit me at to see many of our beautiful items and to get ideas for your custom accessories.

Thanks so much to Ursula White for all her lovely tips. Don’t forget to follow All of You Bridal’s on Facebook! View Below some of her beautiful work.

Custom Garter by All of You Bridal’s
Custom Wedding Pillow by All of You Bridal’s
Custom Garter by All of You Bridal’s


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