With the average cost of weddings steadily rising many couples opt out of having a huge celebration. R.Kristi offers another alternative to budget conciseness couples. A Pop-Up wedding celebration!

R.Kristi Modern Hospitality is the founder of the Blissful Grandeur: A Pop-Up Wedding Celebration. Blissful Grandeur opens the door for couples to have a truly unique wedding with all the bells and whistles of a celebrity-style celebration for under $5,000.

All the details are kept secret until the wedding day. This alternative focuses on millennials, complimenting the changes in our evolving lifestyles, trends, and economy and celebrates love in a big way.

Want to know how to Register?

Couples must send in their love story and a short video to be considered for participation in the Pop-Up Wedding Celebration in New York City.

Blissful Grandeur modernizes the celebration of marriage, allowing space for stronger bonds and unions to exist within loving relationships in the hopes of ultimately lowering the divorce rate.

Blissful Grandeur is currently looking for couples to participate in this multi-couple extravagant event. For more information on how to register or to learn more visit HERE.

Photography: Javier Royal


Photography: Javier Royal

Creative Director & Blissful Grandeur Concept Producer : Racquel Kristi of R.Kristi Modern Hospitality
Bridal Wardrobe Styling: Vainglorious Brides by Selina Howard
Photography: Javier Royal
Hair: 4 Ur Pleasure Beauty & Katy Cheng Levee
Makeup: Eloria Michelle-Beauty Concierge & Eze Nwanyi Makeup Artistry
Location: New York City

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