Happy Friday! I hope all is well. And it times for another feature. And yes we have a treat for you! Today we are going to take a trip the West Coast and head to Los Angeles to talk with an awesome husband and wife documentary duo Isaiah Ryan and Taylor Catherine of Isaiah and Taylor Photography. They are not afraid to push limits and a super talented duo. Let’s get into the interview.

CC: Tell us a little bit about you and your company?

Isaiah and Taylor: We are a husband-wife visual documentary duo, a wedding photography alternative for the adventurous. We sleep in tents, drink coffee at sunrise, wander through forests, jump out of airplanes, and skate through cities. If you’re easy-going & adventurous, we’d probably get along.

CC: What are some good tips you would give to brides when selecting a photographer?
Isaiah and Taylor: It’s really important to be able to trust your photographer. Whoever you choose to photograph your wedding, its important to not only love their art, but to also connect with them as a person.


Photography by Isaiah and Taylor Photography.

CC: Should couples create a shot list of the shots they would like?

Isaiah and Taylor: This always depends on your photographer. We have awesome brides & grooms that trust us with everything, and that’s how it should be. Although, if there’s a few poses/places you’d like to get shots at, that is always great to know, it is your day after all!

CC: When is the best time to take pictures of the bride and groom, and bridal party?

Isaiah and Taylor: Every wedding day is different, along with it’s timeline. We absolutely love first looks, this gives the bride & groom a little while alone on their wedding day, and it’s a opportunity for awesome natural photographs. When there’s a first look, you can also finish all your bridal party photos as well, so now everyone can go party at the reception sooner! Of course we have more traditional weddings where the couple waits for the ceremony to see each other, with this case all the pictures of bride & groom, (and all of bridal party) are done during the cocktail hour.

CC: What are some good tips to help couples work with their photographer to ensure they get the best pictures?

Isaiah and Taylor: Communication is always key with everything. Make sure you’re comfortable with them, and tell them whats most important to you. An engagement shoot helps tremendously with this. For most of us, it’s quite an awkward thing to have a camera pointed at you all day. It’s helpful to know how the photographer works alone with the couple, as well as throughout the day.

CC: What is the most creative photo that you have ever taken?

Isaiah and Taylor: Our next photo! Really though, every time we press the shutter, we strive to continuously create better work that keeps inspiring us. We love to try new things & have fun. Wedding photography to us is more about the whole story, rather than one shot.

CC: Any final tips you would give to couples to make sure they get those wedding photos are unique and special to them?

Isaiah and Taylor: A wedding day is not about the photography, it is about the couple. It’s important to relax & celebrate your day, it is not a photoshoot. The best advice we could give is to just enjoy your day, if you hired a photography you trust then you’ll love your wedding photos.

View some of their AMAZING Work Below!

Photography by Isaiah and Taylor Photography.
Photography by Isaiah and Taylor Photography.
Photography by Isaiah and Taylor Photography.
Photography by Isaiah and Taylor Photography.

Thanks so much to Isaiah Ryan and Taylor Catherine of Isaiah and Taylor Photography for all their awesome tips and great information! Be sure to check out their Blog and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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