GiveYourselfaChanceMatchmaker Ana (aka Ana Lorian), owner of The Analorian Agency brings her expertise to us this week of love with advice on dating and keeping the spark alive in your marriage.

C&C: What is your favorite quote?
MA: The person who loves the least controls the relationship…

C&C: That carries a powerful message. Can you give us some tips on avoiding missteps in this complex dating world?
MA: The advice I give singles include these tips:

Top 5 Dating Tips

  • Avoid punishing your future self for past bad decisions. We all make them. How else would we have become the person we are? Those bad decisions and their consequences help us grow and see things with new eyes. Give your future self a chance.
  • Never Settle. Every qualm you have is valid. You can have the forever you want, provided it’s realistic. Sadly, most people never look at what their ideal partner would encompass. It is important to your future to determine what your requirements are and that includes needs and wants. But the three are totally different things. Which brings me to my next one.
  • Take time to do the hard work. Learn who you are and whom you should be dating. Everyone has a type (and I’m not talking about physically). What I mean is that you’ve had life experiences, which shaped your view relationships and life. Not everyone will understand your views. However, there are a unique few who will. And in those unique few is your “forever”. Do you want to stop having dates that end in frustration? Make it easy on yourself and learn how to weed out the wrong people? You can only do that if you take time and do the hard work.

(1) quit beating yourself up over past relationships

(2) determine what you want in a partner

(3) learn who you are (see number 4 on appearance)

(4) give yourself permission to weed out those that don’t meet your criteria

(5) look for the person who understands your unique views

  •  Appear available. If you look unavailable and unappealing to other singles, you will never find the right one.Constantly connected to your phone and wearing so much makeup that you no longer resemble yourself is highly unattractive. Gives off vibes that you aren’t looking for anyone. When was the last time you walked up to a stranger who was on their phone and tried to strike up a conversation? See where I’m going with this? Put the phone down, slow down, and learn how to put your best foot forward.
  • Stay hopeful/positive. Your energy is what attracts people to you. Energy is directly affected by your mindset. Is yours positive? No one likes a Negative Nelly or Ned, especially when on a date. If you want to attract positive, good people, you must think positive thoughts and project a pleasant attitude. Like attracts like.

C&C: How should an entrepreneur date and keep balance?
MA: Make love as much a priority as business. That’s a must if they are going to schedule a date. Learn to socialize and have fun, and that doesn’t include business networking! Be open to dating.

C&C: Okay, we find the perfect match, get married, and then what?

Stay Tuned Wednesday for MatchMaker Ana’s tip to keeping the love alive in a marriage. Be sure to visit Matchmaker Ana’s Website and connect with her Twitter  Instagram Tumblr Facebook. And stay tuned for the release of our Relationship and Love Column.

Matchmaker Ana


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