5 Tips to Keep the Love Alive

Matchmaker Ana is back and this time she is talking about 5 tips to keep the love alive in your marriage.

C&C: Okay, we find the perfect match, get married, and then what?

MA: A good marriage also requires work and a dedication to succeed. Here are some things I recommend to married couples to keep the love alive.

Top 5 Tips to Keep the Love Alive

Never stop dating. Making time for your relationship will never let you down. Great relationships don’t just happen, they are cultivated by two people with the common goal – for the marriage to last. Old is the goal. If you want to grow old with your forever, keep doing the things you did in the beginning (but with a twist!).

Schedule regular date nights and keep them. Just because life gets busier doesn’t mean our partners should feel neglected. And neither should you. Make time on a regular basis to reconnect…preferably weekly. The kids will be fine and your business will not go up in flames because you spent time with your mate for a couple of hours.

Spice things up. After awhile, even the best meals get old. Don’t go on those same old dates/vacations/places. Occasionally experience something new as a couple. Take a painting class, learn salsa, or go skydiving—all ways you and your partner can keep the dating game spicy!

Introduce new ideas into the bedroom. No one wants a boring bedroom. Remember what I said about variety earlier? Constantly introducing new romantic ideas in the bedroom will keep your partner looking forward to more, more, more. Don’t let missionary position ruin your life….

Show and Accept appreciation and affection. It shocked me when I realized how many couples are not on the same page about how to show appreciation and affection with each other. How many times has your partner washed the dishes or laundry and you criticized how he/she didn’t put away the dishes or clothes right? Often? Well guess what? You created a gap in your relationship and told him/her never do those things again. Not out of kindness anyway. I get it. We’re busy and stressed. But that is no excuse if you want a good marriage. A simple thank you and a hug can close that gap in a heartbeat.

Learn how your mate shows appreciation and allow them to give it to you. Don’t shun that little something extra they do for you, like remembering your favorite ice cream or giving you time to watch your favorite television show. Accept those gestures that in their own way send your love and appreciation.

Keep a safe space for open communication. This one is the most important. We hear this repeatedly, yet couples do nothing to change the fact that WE DONT TALK ABOUT THE IMPORTANT THINGS. There is a plethora of reasons why, but I’m only concerned with one today. Most couples don’t have a safe space in their relationship to share their truths without judgment or persecution. Okay, maybe not persecution, but we often keep things from partners because we want to avoid confrontation, wrath, and anger. It is crucial to communicate openly. And that includes listening and speaking.

C&C: Any other information you would like to share?
MA: Don’t settle! You deserve better than that.

Thanks to Matchmaker Ana for all her great tips. Stay tuned to learn how you can submit questions for her to answer on our New Love/Relationship Column. Details coming tomorrow. Stay tuned and don’t for get to visit Matchmaker Ana’s website and connect with her.

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