Happy Thursday! It is time for a new feature on Champagne and Cake! We love to feature unique brands and entrepreneurs on Champagne and Cake.  I had the opportunity to interview Gerard Beaubrun eCommerce strategist for LeGentleman de MeJeanne and MeJeanne Couture. Today we are talking about the launch of their new menswear line LeGentleman de MeJeanne.

LeGentleman de MeJeanne

CC: What Inspired LeGentleman de MeJeanne?

Gerard: At MeJeanne Couture, we have always entertained the idea of having a men’s line that would allow men to benefit from the same custom design and custom fit services as our MeJeanne Couture clients. We want our clients to take part in the design aspect of the suit making process from the choice of the style of suit to the fabric, and elements like the lining.

CC: What was the motivation to get it off the ground?

Gerard: In all honesty, it was a mixture of excitement, not wanting to miss out on opportunities that prompted us to launch LeGentleman de MeJeanne. Over the past two years, we’ve noticed that there was a high demand for custom design men’s fashion. Men would ask us when would we start making suits and brides often would ask about our groom and groomsmen services which at the time we didn’t offer. After much debate, we decide to start the LeGentleman de MeJeannne in Haiti, where we first built our customer base. We took a chance and officially launched in July of 2015.

CC: How would you describe the LeGentleman style?

Gerard: Custom and exact because we take the time to make each suit tailored to our client’s style and taste. We work hard to make the design process a joint project in which our client gets what they want.

CC: 3 Words to describe LeGentleman?

Gerard: I would use these three words to describe LeGentleman:

Singularity: Each suit we make is a reflection of that customer’s ideas, style, and taste.
 Expertise: Our eight years in business allow us to make the best recommendations
   Creativity: We can design a broad range of custom suits from the most conservative to the most avant-garde requests. With every request we allow our creativity to soar from incorporating unique fabrics to using different elements of the suits.

CC: What does the future have in store for LeGentleman?
Gerard: We plan to take LeGentleman to another level. The future is ripe and with focus and perseverance we will bring the future we envision for LeMeGentelman to life.
Our aim is to make the whole process an unforgettable one.

LeGentleman de MeJeanne
LeGentleman de MeJeanne

Thanks so much to Gerard for taking his time to talk to us about LeGentleman. Be sure to check out some of their amazing suits below and be sure to connect with them on social media at Facebook and  Instagram.  Also be sure to visit their Website .

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