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By: Krystal Mitchell

It is all of February, and you promised yourself that you were going to do better with your health. And yes, we can all agree that January was just a test month for us. Maybe you are newly engaged and its #sweatforthedress time or you overindulged during the year because of the stress of 2017. Or perhaps you finally got tired of your family always harassing you about your weight and saying things like “that’s why you’re single” (yes, some family is that gruesome to say things like that). Or maybe, you want to have just the littest 2018 looking good and feeling your best. You told yourself “That’s it. New year. New Me”, you know, something close to that. This was going to be your year, boo…

And then life happens. Bam. Suddenly, you’re slowly getting back to your old habits. Eating or drinking to numb whatever stress you’re enduring. Or you’re laying on the couch or bed right now, reading this post, under your covers, thinking “I need to take my behind to the gym” but you’re trying to play catch up on Instagram or Snapchat because Kylie J just dropped a whole mini-documentary on her pregnancy ( let’s give her friends an award for keeping quiet). Or, you are just like me, ready to get your life together but, you’re just not feeling it.

We are all the same, believe it or not. Every year, we make these resolutions to get healthier, but we never finish. And to be honest, we are causing more harm to ourselves by merely giving up. And its ok to have setbacks, life happens. I mean, how else are we going to learn. Its how you bounce back. Now that right there is another story.

Let me scare you for a quick second. Chronic disease is out here killing folks left and right. More and more people will die from various types of chronic diseases in the upcoming years. And that is not an opinion; it is a fact. We are living longer and growing in population every year. But the less we do for our body, the more we are at risks for chronic diseases. And by the time we do something about it, it’s too late. We are our own killers! And I’m sorry, I want to be able to see my grandbabies have babies. Yes, I’m that selfish.

You see, living a healthier lifestyle is not that complicated. NO, you do not need to follow a strict diet and do cardio five days a week. And it’s not about taking all these supplements because they are going to guarantee you to have washboard abs and big booty in two weeks (bruh, where they do that at). It’s about the physical, social, and psychological well-being that contributes to living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not that hard; we just make it more difficult than what it is. Small changes will lead to significant rewards. Beeleedat!

Now while February is here, March will be here before you know it. We don’t always have to wait till Monday to start living better. There’s still tomorrow, hell, today, to make better decisions. We can be each other’s accountability partner. And trust, I am on this journey together with you.

But we CANNOT let our health take the best away from us. We too lit for that!

Krystal Mitchell

Krystal Mitchell is a full time student studying exercise science at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. In addition to attending school, she tackles mom-life and marriage-life while juggling a full time job working at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta.

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