Happy Friday! I hope all is well. I have a quick question did you update your Snapchat? If not I suggest you do so. Just yesterday Snapchat released a new update making the creation of Geofilters simple as 1..2..3. Well maybe not that simple, but they are now super easy and quick to make. So, now yes you can create the perfect custom geofilter on demand for your wedding, cocktail party, birthday soiree or whatever special occasion you are celebrating with prices ranging from $5.00 and above depending on several factors.  A custom geofilter is the perfect way to add that special touch to your day. 

Here’s how to set up your Custom Snapchat Geofilter:

  1. Head to Snapchat’s On Demand Website 
  2. Upload your personal creation or use Snapchat’s online design tools (Be sure to follow Snapchat’s Guidelines).
  3. Select the time and date you want the geofliter to appear (Filters can appear for up to 30 days).
  4. Select the geofence area you want your geofilter to appear.
  5. Now you are all ready to submit it (Snapchat has to approve your filter and it usually takes about 1 business day). 

If your filter doesn’t get approved just make sure you are following Snapchat guidelines and resubmit a new geofilter with the appropriate changes.

I hope this helps and if you make one for your wedding or special event I want to see them! So be sure to comment and share below. Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!

Image Source Snapchat

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