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Happy Friday!! Today I am launching a new segment on the blog. The Champagne and Cake Lifestyle section. I was motivated to start this segment on the blog because I have people all the time ask me questions about all kinds of things from lifestyle, blogging , entrepreneurial tips and more. So I decided, why not just go for it. So on every Friday, I will take the time to go in-depth about lifestyle topics and more. So let’s get into today’s topic… Cultivating your PASSION! I wrote these piece for a guest blog and I wanted to share it today with you guys! So Let’s get to!

“Passion is the fuel that drives the winner.” My mother made this quote a part the daily lives of my brother and me. Now, as an entrepreneur, I live my life daily by that quote.

  • Passion motivates me to get up in the morning!
  • Passion inspires my blog and inspired me to start it!
  • Passion inspires me to pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors!
  • I highly recommend letting your passions inspire and drive you!

What inspires you? Pursue it!

What motivates you to wake up in the morning? Do it!

What keeps you up at night because you daydream about it? Make it Happen!

Key Elements

Once you discover your passion, you have to cultivate it.
Take the time to research and develop a plan to bring your passion to life.
Learn to be strategic about your passion. By strategic, I mean what do you need to cultivate your passion to reach it’s full potential? Examples include: take classes, interview experts in the field, research the topic, how do others pursue the same passion, find pictures to inspire you on Pinterest or magazines, make it personal, determine what you need financially, look for avenues to make your dream reality.

People often ask me what keeps me going when the road gets tough. And my road has been very tough over the past year: family illness and surgery, working on my master’s degree, assisting with the family business. Another frequent question: How do you keep up your blog when you are tired or overloaded with work?

Honestly, it comes down to one word: Passion!

There are roadblocks for every individual, entrepreneur or business. Yes, some days you may be so overwhelmed, that writing a blog post is the last thing you have time to do. When that happens, I dig deep and remember why I started. It sounds preachy, but it works to keep me inspired and working on my goals.

In fact, I believe it is extremely important to remind yourself daily why you started on your path. It helps to keep motivated, driven, and focused and gets you over the humps and bumps a little easier.

Stay focused on your goals.

There is no better feeling than accomplishing a personal goal; professional goals are a close second. Goal Setting forces you to align your passions with benchmarks to help you reach your full potential.

Remember the key elements above? Part of that process is to set achievable goals for the year. And don’t think you have to wait until January 1. A year begins when you want it to. Today would be a good day to begin. Then those goals can be broken down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. It feels great to put a checkmark next to another goal accomplished and it’s great to see your passion coming to life one step at a time.

One of my personal passions is photography. I honestly didn’t know I was into photography until I needed to take great photos for my blog posts. So I grabbed my father’s camera and signed up for some photography classes to see if it was something I wanted to pursue. After a few classes, I was hooked.

I LOVE photography! I challenge myself weekly to cultivate this passion as a personal skill and an important adjunct to my business. With each new photography challenge, I amaze myself.

Go for it!
Discover your passion and cultivate it!
Enjoy the results!

What are you passionate about? What do you love to do? What dreams do you have? How do you keep motivated?

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