Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. The time has finally come for me to release my podcast the Champagne and Cake Happy Hour. I have been working on this idea for about two years. I recorded an episode about a year ago and never released it. So here it goes it is finally time. Today I am launching my podcast. The Champagne and Cake Happy Hour.

Why did I create my podcast? I was motivated to start this podcast because I have people all the time ask me questions about all kinds of things from lifestyle, blogging, entrepreneurial tips and more, so I felt creating this podcast is the perfect place to share my journey, lessons and interview some amazing people to share their stories. So I decided, why not just go for it. So on the Champagne and Cake Happy Hour, I will take the time to go in-depth about lifestyle topics and more. I hope you guys enjoy the Champagne and Cake Happy Hour. What is the Champagne and Cake Happy Hour? It’s honest conversations about Life, Love, the Hustle and all the unexpected things that life throws our way.  On the very first episode, I wanted to discuss something that is occurring I my own life the journey to 30 and lessons I have learned along the way. So for this episode, I decided to sit down and have an honest conversation with some of my closest friends and bloggers to discuss some things the lessons that we have learned in our 20’s to help shape us in our 30’s. I hope you guys enjoy it and stay tuned every further episode.

If you have any questions, comments or topics, you want me to discuss in further episodes be sure to email me at info@champagneandcake.com . Thanks for joining me on this journey.


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