You ever had a moment when life just hit you and made you stop for a second, and your life just flashed before your eyes at that particular moment. Well, I had one of those moments in a recent photo shoot, as a matter of fact, it was at the very moment I was focusing in on my subject about to release the shutter button. And BAM life just hit me at that moment, and I guess you can say I had an epiphany or more of aww ha moment about my life and my calling. Just recently I turned 30, and I said to myself the time is now not tomorrow that I begin working on becoming the best person I can be in all aspects of my life from physical health, mental health and more.

So what is the Glow Up Challenge? It’s 14 Days to help you focus on the amazing person you are and celebrate you! Each day entails a simple, actionable task that you can do.

I was inspired to create this challenge from a blog post submitted by one of our new contributing writers Krystal Mitchell. Check her article out here The Glow Up Begins Today!

I’m so so excited to start these 14 days of simple yet rewarding challenges. Be sure to tag #ChampagneCakeGlowUp on Instagram to share what you’re doing every day and be sure to join our Exclusive Facebook Group to share what you’re doing so we can support each other throughout this challenge.

We are starting this challenge as a team on Monday, March 5th and will be announcing daily on our Instagram and Facebook Group so be sure to follow along!

If you have any questions be sure to email me at .

Thanks for joining me on this journey and let’s Glow Up Together!

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