Happy International Women’s Day

Today’s we’re celebrating all the dope, amazing, and inspiring women in the world. As a wedding/lifestyle blogger, I come across so much amazing and women that I get to feature on my site. I am so thankful I get a chance to feature these amazing and inspiring stories that women have to share with the world from their entrepreneurial journeys, passions, dreams and more. Here are three reasons we as women are so amazing!

1. We’re Strong! No Matter what life throws our way we know how to handle any situation with style and grace. And we’re never afraid to roll up our sleeves and get things done even if setbacks arise we know how to regain focus and keep pressing on.

2. We’re Passionate! Whatever we put our mind to we see it through and get it done. We are passionate about the thing that matter to us the most in life from our goals, dreams, families and visions. Our passion within us shines brightly, and we never allow anyone to dim our lights.

3. We’re Resilient! Life gets tough, but we know how to handle it. We never give up no matter how tough the road gets. We know how to bounce back with style and grace from life’s most stressful situations.

So today celebrate your dopeness, your passions, your dreams all the amazing things that make us as Women Amazing! Happy International Women’s Day!

Photography by JaVaughnae
Photography by JaVaughnae
Photography by JaVaughnae

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