Happy Thursday! Today we are talking makeup with Ashton Tisdale of Mz Fancy Face, LLC. She is a traveling MUA based in Jackson, Mississippi. She has been a makeup artist for four years and says it is her true passion! Today she shares wedding makeup tips and information how to achieve a flawless look on your wedding day or any day.

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C&C: When did you become interested in doing makeup as a profession?

AT: I started doing makeup my senior year of high school at a makeup boutique in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I continued after I graduated and studied the craft of applying makeup. I put it all in God’s hands and let him lead the way. Now, I have my own company,

C&C: What advice would you give brides about choosing a makeup artist for their big day?

AT: It is best to find a makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup, someone who is consistent and professional. Ask other brides who they used and if they were pleased with the result.

C&C: How do you decide what colors to choose for the bride’s makeup?

AT: Most of my looks I base around the dress color and styles the bride likes.

C&C: Do you have any tips to prepare for the big day?

AT: I have ten suggestions that I give to all my brides.

1) Eat and drink health the month of the wedding to prevent breakouts

2) Stay as calm as possible (even though that’s hard.) Stress causes breakouts.

3) A good moisturizer keeps your skin looking soft.

4) A good face primer under your makeup to help it stay fresh longer.

5) Waterproof mascara is a must!

6) False eyelashes are a big plus! They bring out the eyes with sexy glam appeal.

7) Lipstick color that complements your dress and skin. Gloss is a must!

8) Well-blended makeup.

9) Foundation should match skin tone. Otherwise, it is unattractive in the pictures.

10) Avoid harsh lines that drag makeup down. Stay with flawless bridal looks.

C&C: What is the most interesting bridal look you’ve created?

AT: I love doing the glittery smoky eyes. It really makes the eyes pop and brings so much life to the look!

C&C: How can a bride keep her makeup fresh on the big day?

AT: Primer and lip touch ups will get the job done Another tip is to use a good setting spray after the makeup is applied.

C&C: What is your favorite quote?

AT: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Thanks so much to Ashton of Mz Fancy Face, LLC for all her wonderful tips and information. Be sure to follow her on Instagram at MZ_FancyFace and visit her website http://www.mzfancyface.com. To Contact Ashton about more information email her bookmzfancyface@gmail or by phone at 404-395-3813.

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