C&C: Tell us your name and a little background information about you and your company.

My name is Christelle Dominique. I am the artistic director of MeJeanne Couture, a clothing line founded on December 27, 2008. I design evening gowns, cocktail dresses, bridal gowns, and bridesmaids’ dresses. MeJeanne Couture is unique because the majority of our business comes from custom designs created for individual clients. Of course, we also have semi-annual collections that we retail by order. Most clients who contact us have a dress design in mind that attaches itself to a particular event, a body shape, and a personality. My job is to sketch a design that fits their parameters, seek the fabrics that best convey the visual requirements, and construct the dress using the client’s measurements.

C&C: What is your favorite quote?

“Never worry about the delay of your success compared to others, because the construction of a palace takes more time than an ordinary building.”

C& C: What made you decide to become a designer?

I have always fancied myself as a fashion designer. What really pushed me to invest wholly in this enterprise is the deceptively simple idea that time flees before eyelids flash. Assuming I have only one life to live, I did not want my dreams discarded. I did not want to leave this world with my potential a static and painful vestige of what could have been. We all owe it to ourselves to dedicate no less than one to two hours a day doing what truly matters to us.

C&C: Who is your favorite designer? 

Elie Saab never disappoints.

C&C: What inspires your designs?

My bridal gowns are designed with the women who will wear them in mind. I want my designs to be fresh and feminine as well as stylish. Interestingly, from the bulk of my orders, I am able to unearth similarities that overtime are converted into trends. I study those trends to understand what is selling, what brides want, and how to harmonize my ideas and conception of aesthetics with them. With my custom pieces, the designs emerge after meeting and becoming acquainted with the client. As our conversation unfolds and the client relaxes, their personality and expectations emerge. The rest comes as I sketch. MeJeanne Couture Collection is inspired by everything that surrounds me. I am often touched by the ubiquitous influence of music.

Top Ten Tips to Selecting the Perfect Dress.

  1. Tell the designer your budget for the wedding gown.
  2. Plan early, especially for an elaborate dress. Ideally, you should choose your gown 2 months prior to the wedding day in case alterations are needed.
  3. Do some research: know the different shades of white, different types of trains, different cuts of dresses and most importantly, the different fabrics used for bridal gowns.
  4. Choose a dress style/cut that flatters your body.
  5. Match the dress to the wedding theme, location, and time of the wedding.
  6. Select a dress that you love and stop shopping. It will confuse you and delay the planning.
  7.  Get everything in writing from your designer. If ready-made, the alterations planned. Make sure the written agreement includes everything decided (color, fabric, size, alterations, changes to the design, first fitting, date of the wedding, etc.).
  8. Make the most out of each fitting. Come prepared with the correct undergarments and the shoes you intend to wear the day of the wedding.
  9.  Keep an open mind.
  10. Be patient and ask questions.

C&C: What is the most interesting dress you have designed?

Truly, every dress I have designed has been interesting; however, the one dress that stands out is my first maternal gown. There are many calculations, planning, and forecasting that go into a maternal wedding dress. The bride-to-be contacted me during the first months of her pregnancy. The dress would be worn around the eighth month of her pregnancy. Everything about the design reflected the uncertainty of the situation. There was no way to predict what size she would be the day of the wedding. I wanted her dress to be beautiful and in good taste, reflect what she wanted in color, fabric, and style, and keep her comfortable.

C&C: How do you work with brides to bring their vision to life?

It’s very important to help brides bring their vision to life. I meet with each client to get to know them, know what they feel comfortable wearing, know what part of their body they want to highlight and what part of their body they want to downplay. Some brides want to reveal more of their bodies than others do. I ask key questions in order to sketch the perfect dress. I usually present them with drawings of two dresses to choose from, one is their vision of the gown; the other is how I picture them on their big day. Based on the sketch they choose, we proceed with fabric selection together. Once that is finalized, we start with the construction process. Here are some pictures of her fabulous dresses!! Also visit her on her social media pages


Have Questions email her at: info@mejeannecouture.com and stay tuned till Thursday for more tips and information on how to become a designer with Christelle Dominique of MeJeanne Couture

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