Today Melissa shares insider information on choosing a makeup artist, unique looks for your wedding day, and selecting cosmetics.

Part 2 of Melissa Michelle Cosmetics

C&C:  Can you give us some tips for selecting the right makeup artist for a bride’s big day?

When choosing a makeup artist for your big day it is important to do your research. Ask questions about their experience and ask to see pictures of their work. Schedule a consultation to ensure that the artist listens to your requests and has a pleasant attitude.

C&C: What is the most interesting look you have created for a wedding? 

The most interesting look was a purple smoky eye for a bride. It really was fun because brides normally want the same natural look they wear every day. I loved that the bride wanted to do something a little edgy and different from the norm. The look and the pictures were beautiful.

C&C: How does a bride keep her look fresh on her big day? 

A bride can keep her look fresh by having a bridal retouch kit handy. It should include lip color and oil blotting sheets. The oil blotting sheets are great for absorbing light perspiration or shine on the face without removing the makeup.

C&C: A great picture is worth a thousand words. I would love to see images of your work. Please choose a picture and give me the story behind why you choose a certain look for that wedding and details behind the look.

To choose a bridal look, I start by asking the bride lots of questions. I like to get to know the brides personality and comfort level with makeup. I ask about her wedding color scheme and if she has any celebrity makeup that she admires. All of this comes together to help me determine what style of makeup she might like. The best part about the trial is having the option to do a different look if she is not completely satisfied. My goal is always to get it right on the first try, but sometimes we have to play around with colors until we are both happy with the outcome.

C&C: Is they additional information you would like to add? 

My brand philosophy is “Beauty is my duty.” I love to make people look and feel beautiful!

C&C: Tell us about your makeup line and the products. 

I launched Melissa Michelle Cosmetics in 2013. The brand offers a range of makeup including foundations that can also be used as concealers, cheek colors, lip products, brow kit, liners, and mascara. The line caters to those who want polished, natural looking makeup that feels like skin. You can look at the products at

C&C: What made you decide to start your own cosmetic line?

While working in cosmetics as a professional trainer, I worked with women of all complexions, age groups, and skin types. I often heard women remark how they loved makeup but had a hard time applying it, or they could never find the right color for their complexion. They inspired me to start a line of cosmetics especially for women with hard to match complexions. I also wanted it to be simple and easy to use.

C&C: What have been some of your toughest challenges in starting a business from scratch and creating a new makeup line? How did you overcome the challenges?

One of my toughest challenges was the first step. Whenever you start a new life journey, it’s easy to make excuses and procrastinate with so many unknown challenges ahead. I feared not having enough money and people not responding to or liking the products.

Once I stopped thinking about all of the possible obstacles and challenges, I asked God to help me. I stepped out on faith and just did it. Once I overcame my fear, I researched manufacturers to find the right one to help me fulfill my dream.

C&C: What tips would you give to a person starting a makeup line?

I would advise anyone thinking about starting a makeup line to research and find a mentor. The more knowledge you have about the industry, the more you can avoid costly mistakes. Find a person who has built a business, someone to give you business advice and tips on what it takes to run a successful company.

C&C: What sets your makeup line apart from others? 

My star product, Melissa Michelle Magic Stix, sets us apart. The product is lightweight on the skin and gives custom coverage to whatever makeup look you desire. You can cover the face or just spot treat over discolorations.

The flawless finish is natural looking and timeless. Makeup trends are fun, but a flawless looking complexion never gets old. I love creating products that give customers fresh natural looking skin with a youthful glow.

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your products, your advice, and your beautiful pictures. We wish you luck with your new company and lovely products.

Let us know if you try Melissa Michelle cosmetics and which ones you liked the best.

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Pictures of Melissa Bridal Work

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