Lauren Hines, the owner of Get Wed for Less, LLC and creator of WeddinatorⓇ App , visits Champagne & Cake today.

Owner of Get Wed for Less, LLC Lauren Hines


C&C: What is your favorite quote?

LH: I love something business philosopher Jim Rohn said. “Every life form seems to strive to its maximum except human beings. How tall will a tree grow? As tall as it possibly can. Human beings, on the other hand, have been given the dignity of choice. You can choose to be all or you can choose to be less. Why not stretch up to the full measure of the challenge and see what all you can do?”

C&C: What inspired you to create Get Wed for Less?
LH: When I was planning my wedding a few years ago, I was frustrated on numerous occasions with the process. I realized after going through dozens of websites, books, magazines, and more, there was no single resource that had all the information and numbers I needed to plan my wedding. Years later I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to create a website that had pricing, offerings, and company info on vendors that savvy brides could easily access?” From there, it became the company’s mission to save brides and grooms time, money, and stress in wedding planning.


C&C: How long did you plan and prepare for the launch of Get Wed for Less?
LH: About a year and a half.

C&C: What markets does Get Wed for Less cover?
LH: We cover sixteen markets: Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York (Long Island, NYC-Manhattan, NYC-Other Boroughs, Westchester), Northern Virginia, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Chicago and Washington, DC. If we are not fully built-out in a particular market, we can still help professionals in those markets access brides. For instance, we have a wedding planner client in Philly for whom we provide marketing services.

C&C: How do you select vendors for Get Wed for Less?
LH: Sometimes, vendors contact us to be featured on the site. Most of the time, our team of market researchers and editors dive into metro areas, locally sourcing the highest-ranked wedding professionals across a gamut of categories. From there, the pros are individually contacted for detailed offering information, to get a vibe for their passion and professionalism, and to analyze how their numbers compare to what is being spent in their area. That’s how we determine “fabulous, fun, and affordable” vendors…not a simple process!

C&C: What can couples find when they search on Get Wed for Less?
LH: Couples find over 1,000 of the most beloved wedding pros and information containing their offerings and oftentimes pricing for their products/services. Couples will pleasantly find they are saving tons of time in vendor selection since has the information that they typically cannot readily access from a phone conversation or website with many vendors.

C&C: How do couples sign up for Get Wed for Less?
LH: Simply visit Get Wed for Less and start searching today!

C&C: What do you feel are the most important elements of wedding planning?
LH: The right spouse – seriously! You also should have the right plan – talk with someone experienced in wedding coordination. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “Just talking it through made it easier for me.” Make sure at the end of the day that the plan and the budget instituted are yours and your mates. The right team in your corner is critical; you will need helpful people along the way and flexible, responsive, qualified wedding professionals who will act as your advocate. As a bride, you have to remind yourself daily to be flexible to a point, be of sound mind (don’t go “bridezilla” on everyone), and enjoy the journey, both during planning and after you’ve “jumped the broom.”

Weddinator App

20140609-Weddinator-Glimmering-TJH-AC&C: What inspired you to create the WeddinatorⓇ App?

LH: In our desire to make planning easier and more fun for brides, we created WeddinatorⓇ. There was no mobile application on the market that functioned as a social platform to allow brides and grooms to create and share wedding plans with their bridal party and wedding team in such a fun, interactive way. We wanted to make planning easier by going a step further and connecting wedding vendors and planning couples directly to each other via our mobile app. WeddinatorⓇ works as a sweet duo.

The app is available for download on Android’s PlayStore and Apple’s App Store. WeddinatorⓇ can also be used easily online at

C&C: How long did you plan and prepare for the launch of WeddinatorⓇ App?
LH: About a year.

C&C: How can a couple connect with vendors on the WeddinatorⓇ App?
LH: Couples can easily download the free WeddinatorⓇ app from PlayStore for Android or the App Store for Apple. Once they open the app, they will see the “Book A Pro” page that opens with “Need a Wedding Pro?” They simply, enter their info, including budget, wedding location, and the type of vendors they need. Once “Find Pros” is clicked, we immediately go to work to connect them to their matched pros.

C&C: Give us some examples of what a couple will find when they search on the WeddinatorⓇ App?
LH: Couples will find “My Notebook” (the social, sharable online wedding planning profile), “Book A Pro” (wedding vendor concierge function), and, coming very soon, a wedding planning timeline and checklist (will help make sure you never skip a beat in the process).

Thanks so much to Lauren for talking time out to speak with Champagne and Cake. Make sure to go like Get Wed for Less and WeddinatorⓇ app on Facebook to connect with Lauren.

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