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Simple andSweetValentine's DayGift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and let me guess you have been on the quest to find the perfect gift. You have been probably searching on google, scrolling through Pinterest on a mission to find the perfect gift idea. Well look no more Champagne and Cake has got you covered with some simple and sweet Valentine’s Day gift ideas sure to make your Valentine’s heart melt!

So Let’s get to it:

Why I Love You Jar
What says I love you more than sharing with your Valentine all the wonderful reason why you love them! Here is what you need a mason jar and some note cards. Cut the note cards into little slips and write on them all the reasons why you love your Valentine. You can customize the jar with a unique and special label.

Homemade Cupcakes from the Heart
Make your Valentine some special homemade cupcakes and don’t forget to add a special love note with them. Put the Cupcake in a special place they will be sure to find it.

Reasons Why I Love You Notes
Go purchase you a set of note cards and if you are feeling crafty make your own personalized notecards. Now here is how this will work. Write on each note card 12 reason why you love your Valentine and place them in special places. Sort of like a scavenger hunt. On each note card give your valentine a location and place to go to find the next love note. Don’t forget to be creative and you can add a special gift at the last note.

Custom Mini Liquor/Wine Bouquet

Now I have done this before for my mother for Mother’s Day with miniature wine bottles. You can do the same with miniature liquor bottles. What you will need a little basket or pot, styrofoam and wooden sticks. The trick here is be sure and hot glue the miniatures to the wooden sticks. Decorate the basket however you feel and be sure to add other items to the basket to make it unique and special for your valentine. If you want a DIY post on Mini Liquor Bouquets comment in the section below.

I hope these simple and sweet ideas will help you on your quest to find the perfect Valentine’s Gift. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day. And if you use these gift ideas let us know in the comment section or tag us on Facebook or IG.

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