Photography is a creative way for me to express and share the things that inspire me. A recent hobby that has developed into the perfect way to share my passion for beauty in all its forms, photography lets me share the beauty of our world with my blog readers.

This past weekend, I had an awesome trip to exciting New Orleans. Through the lens of my camera, I had the opportunity to explore the magic that New Orleans offers the world. I have loved visiting New Orleans since I was a child. A diverse city, rich in history and culture, it never fails to surprise me. It took me a few minutes to get used to walking with my heavy camera bag on my back and Canon in my hand, but I was soon caught in the web of excitement and unique environment that is New Orleans, the perfect place to capture through my lens.

One particular area that caught my eye was the New Orleans Botanical Garden in City Park. It is a beautiful place full of magnificent plants and gorgeous flowers. I was delighted to find a wedding being set up in The Lord & Taylor Rose Garden. The decorator used simple white chairs allowing the beauty of the Rose Garden to be the focal point. The Lord & Taylor Rose Garden is an ideal backdrop for an outdoor wedding. An array of antique and modern roses, provide the perfect scenery for a bride and the wedding party. With my Canon I captured a collection of beautiful pictures from New Orleans to share with you.

New Orleans Botanical Garden is a picturesque location, an ideal ambience for an outside wedding, a place I hope to attend a wedding one day. I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures I took while in New Orleans.

Photography by me



Photography by Me



Photography by me
Photography by me


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