Happy Thursday and its Time for a New Blog. This week we have a guest blogger post from Sanaa Brooks. Sanaa recently blogged on Champagne and Cake about summer wedding etiquette. Sanaa is 22 years old, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, a mother of a beautiful little girl, and a lover of all things wedding, music and marketing related. Sanaa started blogging before it became “cool” and has went from having a wedding blog, to a music blog, to finally transitioning to her lifestyle blog, Sanaa Brooks, in 2014. Sanaa has also blogged for The New York Wedding Company and continues to guest blog for others as she continues to grow her own blog. Today she will be talking about how she managed not to scream when she found out she wasn’t going to be a part of her brother’s wedding. Read her blog:

My brother is FINALLY getting married and apparently I won’t be partaking in the ceremony, as I wasn’t invited to be one of their bridesmaids. (Which I found strange as I talked to the Bride-to-be about a year ago and she noted that I would definitely be apart of the bridal party.) But a lot can happen in a year, and a lot HAS happened.

I am no longer as close to the Bride-to-be as I was once, and we rarely ever speak now, where as about a year ago, we spoke very frequently. She was basically the big sister I never really had, since I didn’t grow up with any of my older siblings. However, I never thought this would be something that would stop me from being a part of the bridal party, and honestly to this day I still don’t know what the real reason is.

I decided not to ask right after I got over the fact that I would no longer be walking down the aisle at my brother’s wedding as I didn’t feel the need to bring it up. Nor did I want the attitude that would have most likely came with the answer. Although, at first I was very upset and hurt, I eventually got over it and here’s how.

People Change Their Minds

As I mentioned before, we talked about their wedding at least a year ago, and I’m fully aware that people do often change their minds. So for what ever reason it may be, maybe she had a good reason to change her mind in including me?

I Have A Daughter

I also have a daughter to think about. Would I really be willing to let her stay with my parents while I partake in the wedding?

I Don’t Have The Money

I definitely don’t have the money to buy a bridesmaid dress or to pay for the other expenses that come along with being a bridesmaid. (My sister, who’s apart of the bridal party paid more than a $100 for her dress, while I mean my parents paid for it but still! I will definitely not be paying that much for a dress! Especially since I have to buy a dress for my daughter as well.)

It Doesn’t Even Really Matter

 After I calmed down, I realized, it doesn’t even matter why I wasn’t included! All that matters is that, my brother is getting married, I get to attend with my little girl, and that we all have a great day! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so if I wasn’t invited, then I wasn’t supposed to be a part of it. It’s usually a lot more fun to just watch from the sidelines anyway, right?

So there you have it you guys! I’m still a little hurt, however, I’ve decided not to dwell on this matter, as I have a thousand more things to think about!

Thanks so much to Sanaa for sharing her story on champagne and cake. Be Sure to visit and Subscribe to Sanaa’s Blog.

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  1. Janice Malone
    16 October, 2015 at 6:12 pm (3 years ago)

    This is a real-talk post. I would probably not have been as nice.


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