Mother'sDayPic3Mother’s Day is only a few days away. This is the year you do something unique for the woman you love beyond all others.

Sure, flowers are a great gift. Brunch or lunch at a good restaurant is one way to go. But what if this year, you really put some thought into what your Mom wants or truly needs.

Mothers on a tight budget who give everything they have to their children appreciate gifts that keep on giving.

Bath. What about a gorgeous shower curtain to replace the ancient one she keeps patching with tape? It spruces up her bath and tells her you understand. Beautiful and luscious smelling soaps in her favorite fragrance. Give her a luxury she would never give herself. Shop a store like Bath & Body Works, specialty gift stores, or upscale department stores to find what you need. One bar or bottle of truly good-for-the-skin soap is sooo worth it.

Cable Upgrade. For a few dollars a month, you can spread out your payments, and she can watch a premium channel when she finds time to sit down.

Netflix. Another spread the payments idea that gives her a chance to catch up on television shows and the latest movies.

Pedicure. Absolutely nothing will make your mom feel more pampered than relaxing in a massaging chair and having her feet softened and her toes brightened with a new summer polish.

Food Processor. If she has arthritis, she will love this gift! Makes her life simpler and easier. She will think of how special you are to think about her needs every time she uses it – a nice bonus.

Corkscrew. A fabulous gift is one of the new battery or electric corkscrews. It gets to the point much faster and lets the enjoyment begin! (also great for those with arthritis)

Letter. The perfect gift. Write it on beautiful stationery (I didn’t say expensive) and let her know what you are thinking about at this time in your life, how much she means to you, all the wonderful things you know she did for you, your hopes and dreams….Be sure and date it! Do not e-mail the letter. Write it with your own pen. Too late to get a letter across the country or around the world? Let her know via email, Skype, tablet, or a note in a bottle that something special is on the way. Her happiness will explode into glee when it arrives.

To All You Moms

May You Have the Happiest of Mother’s Days

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