It seems the art of the wedding proposal becomes more of an art every day. More and more men are coming up with unique ways to propose. As a wedding blogger and invitation designer, I love their creativity. I’m a sucker for a good love story, but who isn’t?! Love makes the world a better place.

I want to share a unique proposal that I had the privilege of helping to design.

My friend called me one day with a unique idea about proposing to his girlfriend. He asked if I would help. Because I love LOVE, I told him yes.

He was a little nervous and not quite sure how the words would come out of his mouth when he proposed, so he asked me to make a special printed invitation.

He wanted the inside of the invitation to include:

Wedding Date to be announced

Their names

Will You Marry Me?

He planned to propose to her on Christmas Day, so he wanted me to wrap the proposal invitation like a Christmas gift.

I was so excited to be a part of his proposal plan, that I decided to make sure his proposal invitation was GRAND!

When I asked what he wanted the invitation to look like, his response was, “Ummmmm. I’m not sure. You just make something happen.”

He told me her favorite color was purple, so I searched for just the right fabrics and embellishments. There were two things that I knew for certain. I wanted it be unique and special.

I spent a week searching to find for what I wanted: purple satin fabric, black leather fabric, and a pretty, purple satin flower with crystal embellishments. I worked another week to create a sumptuous, unique folio invitation.

His sister would pick up the invitation, but she didn’t know what he was planning. I wrapped the proposal in beautiful Christmas paper, so she could deliver it to her brother, and it would still be a secret.

I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to see the video and pictures from the proposal.

Christmas Eve, I received a video text message from his sister with the wedding proposal. It was beautiful. It felt great to know he trusted me to create exactly what he wanted and to share in their special moment. It also felt great to help my friend.

His fiancé, also my friend, tweeted me afterwards. “You knew the whole time? LOL”

My response, “Yes and it was very hard for me to keep a secret! Lol!”

This is exactly what I mean about love being a great thing. It truly makes the world a better place.

I was glad to help my friend with that proposal and if anybody has any other ideas for a proposal, I would be delighted to help you make it a special event.

I am all about spreading the LOVE!

Know about a unique proposal? Send me the information to share.

Here is a picture of the outside of the wedding proposal invite

Wedding Proposal Invite

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