Happy Thursday, we will continue our feature post on MeJeanne Couture. Today Christelle Dominique will talk bout Wedding Gown Trends and what it takes to become a designer….

C&C: What are some of the popular trends in wedding dresses?

Spring 2014 is all about lace. Other trends include sleek and modern, ankle length hemlines, and ombree gowns.

C&C:  What are some popular color trends in wedding dresses? 

Is this a trick question? When it comes to wedding dresses, the 3 shades of white will always remain popular 1) natural white, 2) ivory, and 3) rum or champagne.

C&C:  What is the most important element of a wedding dress?

The cut of the dress: how it complements the bride’s body type.


Challenges as a designer and a business woman

C&C:  What have been some of your toughest challenges as a designer? How did you overcome them?

My toughest challenges have been twofold: designing and managing the business.

As a designer, I had to figure out a revenue-making model that worked for each stage of the business and my designs.

The growth of income as a designer is a direct match to the amount of effort put into the designs and continuously improving the quality of the clothes. It is unquestionably proportional to the satisfaction level of your clients and the effectiveness of reaching out to new clients.

The marketing and advertising strategy must match your production capacity and the image of your brand. Imagine having 500 orders for wedding dresses when you can only produce 10 per week. That means 490 unsatisfied clients. Obviously, this lessens the number of return customers, which lowers leads and referrals. It all has to work together.

C&C:  What tips would you give to a person who wants to become a designer?

As with any entrepreneurial activity, when I was starting, I heard: ‘Make sure you do it because you love it.’ and ‘If you are doing it for the money, you’ll never be successful.’ While these tips are considered golden, there is the important factor of pragmatism in starting a new business.

First: Unless you want your dressmaking activities to be a side hobby, you must treat your work as a designer as the real business that is and pay attention to everything. See your services for what they are at any given time and offer them as such.

Second: grow your business incrementally, reaching small goals that fit into the grand scheme of things. Before selling dresses, you must be able to make dresses, which is preceded by the ability to design dresses. You need to understand the expertise and knowledge required about fabrics and sewing techniques.

Third: have patience. As long as you follow a set path and have access to earnest and valid advice, do not rush things. George Leonard in his book, Mastery, says mastery is the product of enjoying the process not rushing it. Bruce Lee famously talked about never fearing an opponent who has learned a thousand kicks but the one who has practiced one kick a thousand times.

Last: never impose a limit on your dreams. This has been the latest of a series of revelations about my business and myself. You can only go as far as you believe you will go.

C&C:  Any final tips you would like to share with brides about their dream dress?

Finding your ideal wedding dress requires knowledge of yourself and a full appreciation of your mental and physical states. Accept who you are and choose a dress that reflects that state of internal bliss.

I welcome your questions. Contact me at info@mejeannecouture.com, and we will build your dream dress together.

Here are some pics of her beautiful gowns!!


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