Today we are talking with the creator of Groom Inspiration about Groom style and trends. The wedding isn’t not just for the bride. It is the groom’s day too!

C&C: What inspired you to start Groom Inspiration?

GI: Groom Inspiration was created to provide grooms with a reference point when planning for their wedding. We wanted to assist grooms finding and wearing their unique look for their special day.

There are hundreds of pages that focus on brides and showcase bridal attire, but very few highlight information for grooms. This probably comes from the notion that grooms are not interested in putting much effort into their wedding day outfit and could get away with wearing ‘work suits’ on their big day.

Against this backdrop, and with a passion for seeing better-dressed grooms, this page came to be. I never considered myself a fashion expert; however, I have always had an interest in men’s fashion, and I was confident we could inspire and assist grooms in choosing appropriate attire for their special day.

C&C: What are some trends when it comes to groom style?

GI: White and off-white suits for the groom

Suit White - P Bello
Photography by Peter Bello

Blue three-piece suits

Suit Blue 3 Adebayoderu-129
Photography by Adebayo Deru


Matching colored socks for the groom and groomsmen

Coloured socks - Photocredit AkintayoTimi
Photography by AkintayoTimi


Cravat T Philips
Photography by T. Philips

Superhero shirts

C&C: What are some great ways for the groom to coordinate with their bride on their wedding day?

GI: A new trend is the groom’s lapel flower being one of the flowers from the bride’s bouquet. This adds a personal touch and is a great way to coordinate the outfits and wedding colors.

We generally advise grooms to have an item or two for their groomsmen that coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses without going overboard. This could be matching lapel flowers, ties, cravats, socks, or wristbands to the bridesmaids’ bouquets or dresses.

C&C: Anything else you would like to share with future grooms and groomsmen?

GI: Every groom has a unique style, and this should be visible in his choice of clothes for the wedding.

It is also worth mentioning that grooms actually have more color choices than brides, as brides generally wear white, off-white, or cream dresses. Grooms can choose from various shades of black, grey, blue, white, or tan among many others. Grooms should use this to their advantage.

Whether you decide to go for a classic black suit and tie or a blue three-piece suit, make sure you look dapper.

Do not wait until the last minute to choose the groomsmen’s’ outfit. There is usually a lot more to arrange than one thinks, including proper fitting.

C&C: What is in store for Groom Inspiration in the future?

GI: Groom Inspiration was created about a year ago, and we currently have about 22,000 followers on Instagram, a testament that a groom-focused wedding page was needed and works.

We are currently focusing on growing our Instagram following by ensuring that our posts remain relevant and interesting. We are also working on our website to be launched shortly and will also continue to collaborate with more wedding and menswear pages to ensure that we continue to inspire a wide variety of grooms.

C&C: What is your favorite quote?

GI: I actually have two favorites: ‘Don’t forget why you started.’ and ‘Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.’

These two quotes have continued to inspire us in building Groom Inspiration and developing our brand. Our desire to continue to focus on inspiring grooms, which is specifically why we started, continues to motivate us. We make sure that each of our posts line up with this aspiration.

Thanks so much to Groom Inspiration for taking the time to talk with us be sure to follow on them on instagram at @GroomInspiration and check out their website

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