Happy Monday and today we are talking about a creative bridal experience with a vintage flair with Naomi Maurer the owner of Timeless Bride.The company creates a creative bridal experience with a vintage flair. Today she will share wedding dress tips and share ways to make your bridal experience a creative one.

Photography by Laura Cantrell


C&C: How did your business get started?

My fiancé and I owned a 115-year-old Victorian house and operated a B & B. We wanted to have our reception at the house and exchange vows under a 300-year-old oak in a nearby park. While I was at an estate auction, looking at rugs for our B & B, my ‘intended’ was bored and antsy. Within minutes of sitting down, the auctioneer yelled “sold” and Jim proposed in front of all the auction attendees. My ring is from the 1930s. When we married in 2006, the only offerings for brides were strapless and sparkly, but I was in my forties, and they weren’t what I wanted. I had my heart set on a vintage gown. The only places I could find one were online, antique stores, and estate sales. One cannot try on in the dresses in any of these venues. So an idea was born, which grew into a passion, and evolved into a business.

C&C: Tell us a little bit more about the services you offer.

I opened the store in May of 2007 with about 450 vintage gowns. I now have over 2,600. I have amassed my inventory by exclusively offering wedding consignment services for the women in the wedding party: attire for the bride, mothers of the bride and groom, flower girls, and wedding accessories. Connie Cotton, who owns and operates Alterations & Creations is the Master Seamstress. Together, we design the garments and accessories. Connie handles all the garment work, both custom orders and alterations (for women only), and I do all the custom accessories. One of the services that has made us so successful was coined “Heirloom Transformations”. When a bride brings in (or purchases here) a vintage gown that needs fabric restoration or repair, resizing, and redesigning to fit her vision of the perfect gown, we transform the pieces to meet her vision. It’s one of our favorite and most rewarding things to do.

C&C: What has been the coolest (or oldest) heirloom transformation you’ve done?

We have done several from the 1950s. The most notable was a bride that brought in her grandmother’s dress in a plastic garbage bag. It had been stored in the backyard shed for decades. There was even evidence that rodents had nested in it. Most of the fabric was damaged beyond repair, but after I cleaned it as well as possible, Connie pinned the shreds of cloth on the bride. Using pictures of the grandmother on her wedding day, Connie completely recreated the gown from scratch. That entire family was thrilled!

C&C: What is the most unique “Something Blue” you have transformed or created?

Very often, the something blue is the garter, which we create from pieces of salvaged antique lace. One unique piece that Connie created was adding blue layers to the bride’s slip, and another was monogramming the bride’s initials and wedding date in blue thread on the gown lining.

C&C: What are your Top Three Tips for finding the perfect “Something Old” or an heirloom for a wedding?

(1) Don’t give up on a dress you love because it has discolored with age or has a weird odor. We can usually address this. Stain removal, lightening and brightening old fabric is a specialty of mine.

(2) Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t fit. There are many ways to handle this, and Connie is a master at making things fit. We have a great collection of vintage fabrics and patterns just for this reason.

(3) Let your personality shine through. Your unique style should play a big part in the choices you make for your wedding.

C&C: Do you offer anything for former brides who want to do something creative with their dress or veil?

There are a myriad of things that can be done with a treasure from the past. Cake table coverings, ring bearer pillows, Christmas tree skirts, Christening gowns, and garters are just a few of the things we’ve made from previous wedding dresses.

C&C: Tell me a little bit about your wedding dress and wedding accessory selection.

My gown was a full-length, frothy confection from the 1930s with a portrait neckline, long sheer sleeves, and a beautiful train. Loved it! I choose a fingertip veil with a delicate, scalloped, beaded edge, which provided a tiny bit of sparkle. All the special women in my life gathered around me to hand make the décor, and my aunt crafted the sweet floral wreath I wore in my hair.

C&C: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

As you can probably tell, this truly is a passion for me. I am a retired registered nurse and Connie is a retired educator, so we are natural nurturers. I know this is cliché, but it is not about the sale here. Our tag line is “A creative bridal experience”, and we live that. It really is about the experience. Our reviews speak for themselves. We work hard to earn those.

Photography by Laura Cantrell


Thanks so much to Naomi with Timeless Bride for all her wonderful tips be sure to follow her on Facebook at The Timeless Bride and visit her website The Timeless Bride.

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  1. Janice Malone
    25 August, 2014 at 9:47 pm (4 years ago)

    This was a beautiful blog post. I love authentic and original things so the transformations are a great way to create the past in today’s light.


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