The Art of a Wedding Guest List

Yes, I know pulling that guest list together for your wedding is a lot of work. You and your fiancé had to sit down and develop a strategic strategy on how to gather all the names and addresses for your guest list. Let me guess, that strategy probably included sending Facebook messages, emails, text messages, making phone calls, and sitting down with your parents tediously listing names and collecting addresses. Take a deep breath…you are almost there and remember the list is valuable! I know how you feel. I am currently working on a guest list for my parent’s 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration and I get about 5 messages a day with new addresses to add to the list. I have even gotten to the point when I hear my dad on the phone with someone I need to add to the list, and I say “dad make sure to get their address.” I know that when I plan my wedding one day this list will be extremely valuable, so I must stay the course.

Yes, crafting the perfect the guest list can be very time-consuming and stressful, but it has so many uses and can become one of your most valuable future resources. It’s filled with family and friends who know and love you and want you to succeed in life. Take a deep breath, put your pen down and just think about the bigger picture here. It’s a list of your biggest fans. If you decide to plan other events like reunions or parties, you’ll already have your list of invitees culled. Should you decide to become an entrepreneur it can be your starter customer list.

Here are some ways to your wedding guest list can help you with your entrepreneurial goals.

1) Keep your list informed and in the know–Launching a New Product or Idea? Send out a special postcard, letter or email to your guest list to let them know about it and maybe include a coupon or special offer just for them. Don’t forget to ask them to pass the information along to their family, friends, associates, and coworkers. Remember you are trying to build your network; you never know who they may know that could benefit from your product or service.

2) Add them your Guest List– for events you’re hosting such as an open house or holiday party? It’s a built-in list of raving fans who will be sure to bring other supporters along to your event.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask them to like your social media pages. Send them an email or postcard asking them to like your social media pages and to ask others to like your pages and share your posts with people they may know who could benefit from your product of service. Be sure to include the links to your social media pages on the postcard or email. You can even create a QR code so they can scan it from their phone and it will take them right to your page. Making the process simple and easy for them to use and share.

Remember always be sure to thank them for their referrals and their support. Take the time to send them a you email or postcard letting them know how much you appreciate them. Remember to follow-up with any business that they send your way.

These are only a few ways you can use your wedding guest list to help you have a remarkable event and to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

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