When I first launched my blog, I wrote a post on the power of vision boards Here is the link. Sometimes when I need to regroup and refocus on my goals, I sit down and create a vision board. Vision boards keep me focused on my goals and remind me why I got started. I highly recommend on any project that you are working on to sit down and create a vision board. I know 2017 is not here yet, but it is never to late to early to start planning for the new year.

  1. Vision boards help keep you focused. Life HAPPENS and sometimes there is nothing we can do about, but just keep pressing forward. A vision board helps you stay focused on your goals even when life gets tough by reminding you why you started.
  2. Vision boards map out the big picture for you in smaller pieces. Here is what I mean by that sometimes we lose focus on our goals because we don’t see the small successes that we have made. All we focus on is the fact that we haven’t reached our overall goal. I have learned that if you break down a goal into small successes, you will be more driven and focused towards accomplishing your overall goal. So take the time to reward yourself for the small successes you have accomplished to help you reach your overall goal.
  3. Vision boards help you organize your thoughts and keep you motivated. Self-motivation is key to achieving your goals. Keep your vision board in easily accessible and viewable place, so you can view it every day to remind you of your goals.

Let me know if these tips help motivate you to create your vision board and if you do create one I want you to share it with me! Comment Below. Be sure to sign up for the latest news from Champagne and Cake to get a free Vision Board Guide HERE! 

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