Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is having a lovely week. Today we are featuring the beautiful surprise proposal story of two of my friends TJ and Selena. When I asked Selena to tell us about her proposal, she had a lovely story to share.

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The Proposal (Her story):

Leading up to the day of the proposal, which was my birthday by the way, TJ continuously asked how I would prefer to celebrate. To be honest, it really didn’t matter to me, 27 was just another year. Let’s do the usual, celebrate with cake and ice cream with family and friends. He also questioned if I had taken off from work. At that time, I was working from home so I didn’t deem it necessary. Besides my birthday falls on MLK weekend, so I always have an extended celebration. However, TJ insisted I take off and after much encouragement I did.

The night before my birthday/engagement, TJ handed me a brown envelope. Inside was a note stating I had an appointment with Lily’s Nails the following morning. My first thought was “this is not my nail shop of choice,” but thank you baby. Lol! His words to me were “don’t be late.” Ha! This man knows me so well.
I cooperated and arrived on time the next morning. As I walked in Lily and her team were awaiting me. As I received the deluxe spa package, I attempted to plan the remainder of the day. Little to my surprise it was planned for me. While preparing to leave, Lily handed me a “familiar” brown envelope. I’m looking around like what’s going on here. I briskly walked to my car to open my next clue. It stated I had a lunch date at Café 615. Immediately I called my sister Jamie spilling out my morning thus far and saying I would keep her posted. I arrive at Café 615 and to my surprise my beau was patiently waiting. I gave him his props and we shared a delicious lunch. Then the waiter handed me a brown envelope, so now I’m looking at TJ like what are you up to. The funny thing was the waiter asked if he could see what was inside. Lol! Yeah I guess. The note informed me that I had a spa appointment. TJ and I said our goodbyes and I headed to the spa.

I’m sure you can guess what happened once I was leaving the spa…yes I received another brown envelope. The note inside revealed an appointment at 90210 Salon with my cousin/stylist Kayla Coleman. By this time, I’m on cloud nine and thinking this is the best birthday ever…not knowing how much better it would become. As I sat in Kayla’s chair with my glass of white wine, she informed me that Angie with TruHues was there to apply my makeup. Say what?! Okay, so by this time, I’m in tears along with a few other clients in the salon. Once my hair and face were on “fleek” (lol), Kayla handed me a brown envelope as well. I was instructed to go home and get dressed. Well as I arrived home and walked into my room a sexy black dress was awaiting me. My mom handed me my last note and it detailed dinner reservations at Kitchen on George.

My Jody arrived and we headed to Kitchen on George. Dinner was phenomenal, but the night was still young. My best-friend’s husband, Emerett called to see what we had planned for the night. TJ asked if I wanted to ride by Tag or Skyview. Skyview was an easy choice for me. Once there, TJ saw someone he knew, as always, and wanted to speak. As we got closer to the private area the curtains drew back and revealed our family and friends. Yes, I was full of tears and emotions. Friends and family had traveled as far away as Texas and Georgia to celebrate “my birthday.” By this time, I had a hint as to what was about to happen, but it didn’t transpire as quickly as I thought. Anyhow after we said our hello’s and extended hugs of love to everyone present it was time to PARTAAY. But…not before TJ’s big announcement. Of course I said yes and we partied like we were at our wedding reception.

All in all, Jan 16, 2015 was the best day of my life. I still get butterflies just thinking about it. Even writing this story gets me excited about spending the rest of my life with TJ.

Photography by Ladd Photography

The Proposal (His story):

“Everything she said.”

Thanks To:
Close family and friends
Kayla Coleman at 90210 Salon and Boutique
Derrick Griffin at Griffin and Co.
Dwight Ladd at Ladd Photography
Angela Clemmons at Truhues MUA

Photography by Ladd Photography
Photography by Ladd Photography

How we met:

TJ and I have been friends since the age of 12. While becoming acquainted we actually discovered we were in the same pre-K class. We dated while in high school and went our separate ways in college. TJ and I always remained close during our time apart, which strengthened our friendship. The stars aligned and we both returned back to Mobile. This began the new birth to our everlasting love.

Congrats to the lovely couple!

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