Often time love comes into our lives at the most unexpected time and makes our world a little brighter. William and Mary’s unexpected love story reminds us of the beauty and power of love even through the tough times love prevails all! Here on Champagne and Cake, we love to hear the guy’s perspective on the proposal. The usual stories are the women’s take on the proposal event. It’s a huge step in a guy’s life to prepare for a proposal. We asked William to share with us how he prepared for his proposal and he had a unique story to share with us.

How did you guys meet?

Mary and I (William) met at a time when neither of us was looking. I was on the road working in Telecom, while Mary was home in Mobile working as a nurse at North Mobile Nursing Home. I returned home to Mobile after being notified that my father was becoming ill and shortly was committed to the hospital for congested heart failure. After spending two weeks in the hospital finally, the hospital finally discharged my dad to the nursing home with Mary being his evening nurse. Mary caught my eye one evening as I visited my father; she had a very warm smile and presence about her. She was also very kind and patient towards my dad, who was a bit irritated about his situation. My curiosity led to a conversation that revealed that Mary and I had a few things in common. Mary and I had attended the same high school, and her older brother had graduated in the same class as I.

The proposal:

Mary and I had been talking about taking some professional photos for a while; we kept putting it off until we realized that after ten months of dating, we didn’t have any professional pictures together. We made it a priority and went shopping for some outfits; we found some nice complementing outfits coordinated with pastel colors being that it was the Spring. I already had my mind made up that Mary was perfect for me and would make a good wife. The photo session would be a good opportunity to surprise Mary, who had declared that she would know when the proposal was coming because “all men get nervous and act strangely before the proposal”; I, of course, responded with, “I’m a smooth operator; you’ll never see it coming.” Well, to my surprise, I was exceptionally nervous when I picked Mary up for the photo shoot; so nervous, that I had to take a timeout in the bathroom to gain composure. I had already coordinated with the photographer who was thrilled to capture the moment for us. We caught it by having Mary stand in the foreground as I posed in the background. The photographer then asked Mary to turn to me for some shots facing each other; I was already on bended knee with the ring presented. You should have seen the look on her face. My proposal completely caught her off guard. Told you I was a smooth operator!

You and your fiancé love story?
After our initial encounter, I decided to do some investigation and discovered that Mary had a Facebook page. I sent a friend request, and she accepted. My research revealed that Mary was the proud owner of two Yorkies. I messaged her to see if my dad had given her any problems, then the next day, I hit her with some pictures of my dad’s Shih Tzu, and told her that it was really like my dog too since I had been taking care of it. I guess that did the trick because from there, we went from messaging each other on Facebook to chatting on the phone, to video calls on Tango as I had to return to work on the road. Mary’s birthday was coming up, and I wanted to impress her since I couldn’t be there for the celebration. I gave her hand-crafted birthday card and included some Wildberry Life Saver Gummies; that was for the kid to us. But since she was such a lady, I threw in a pearl necklace and ring.
After a few weeks back on the road, I had to return home permanently to help care for my dad. It was bitter-sweet: bitter because I had to quit my job; sweet, because I was home with family and had a special new lady in my life. Mary finally accepted my offer to make things official on July 7, 2015; and from there we celebrated each month as if it were an anniversary; we called them monthiversaries. There was a new song out by Johnny Gill called “Game Changer.” I set that song as my ringtone for when Mary called because Mary was changing the game for me. Those were some trying times for me being unemployed, and I had to care for my dad, but Mary showed character and patience that shed light on her ability to love me unconditionally. She showed the heart of a good friend; the type of heart that I’d be a fool to abuse or forsake. I had to step my game up and pray for the grace to love her the same. And now with time, our love has grown, but with God, our love will never fail.

Date and Location of the proposal?
May 22, 2016, Fairhope Beach

Thanks so much to William and Mary for sharing their beautiful love story with us. Congrats to the couple and we wish them the best!

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