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Life has a funny way of helping you carve out your own niche. I thought my perfect job would be sports journalism. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi, I spent the summer working with my mother in her print shop. One day, a bride-to-be came in to look at wedding invitations. None of the premade cards appealed to her. She had an idea of what she wanted but didn’t know where to go to bring her idea to life. I went to work and incorporated all of her key elements into the invitation. She was thrilled. She mailed them to her guest list and the compliments poured in. The overwhelming, positive response to my design clinched my feeling. I had to move forward with my business ideas. When Ink Becomes Chic was born.

The adventuresome personalities of my first clients were exciting and inspired me to new heights, blending color and tactile elements into couture stationery. Bringing a bride’s dreams to life and creating the atmosphere they envision for their weddings begins with their color palette. From that, we design the invitations, save-the-date cards, programs, and thank you notes to complement their special day.

Our custom designs cater to discerning clients who want luxurious wedding invitations that incorporate twenty-first century trends. We assist our clients to create a workable plan, blending their ideas with what’s hot in the industry from colors to dresses, trends to decorations, and savvy to confident. Being an artist and using my imagination to assist others is an exciting way to spend my days. When a delighted client leaves my office, it makes me happy.

When Ink Becomes Chic is a company with a unique vision, a company that enjoys doing things differently!

Our new blog –Champagne and Cakewill be filled with wedding inspiration and new ideas every week. Champagne and Cake shares stylish real weddings, fashion, trends and much more. Champagne and Cake is here for all your inspirational needs. Check back with us often and sign up for our emails.

Be Bold! Be Different! Be Chic!

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