Wedding Glam Makeup Tips

Kymberly “Footsie” Smith, makeup artist, shares some of her professional tips for brides on their wedding day.

C&C: Do you have a favorite quote?
KFS: “Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”- Albert Einstein.

C&C: What made you decide to become a makeup artist?

KFS: Watching my older sister apply her makeup fascinated me, so I began to watch behind-the-scenes footage for television shows and movies. By the age of sixteen, my interest grew into a passion to become a professional makeup artist. Makeup artists are the most important part of the entertainment industry.

C&C: What important makeup tips would you give a bride?
KFS: My Top 10 Makeup Staples for every bride are:

Foundation primer
Matching concealer
Matching foundation
Eyeshadow primer
Neutral/Shimmer eyeshadow palette
Nude or Pink nude gloss (not necessarily lipstick)
Black eyeliner
Soft brush kit (one that contains brushes for every step of makeup application)

C&C: How does a bride choose the right makeup artist for her special day?
KFS: Choose a professional makeup artist who respects your colors for the day, listens to your specific skin problems, your likes and dislikes in makeup style and colors.

Consider a makeup artist who gives a flawless application that YOU like. Sometimes mothers, sisters, and bridesmaids love to give their opinion on how they think the bride’s makeup should look. Brides, as long as you are happy with your makeup, the makeup artist’s job is a success, and you will enjoy your day and your wedding pictures for years to come.

C&C: What is the most interesting look you have created for a wedding day?
KFS: The most interesting look I’ve done for a wedding was when the bride wanted all of her bridesmaids in purple lips and purple eyeshadow to match hers. I’m happy to say, the job was pleased with the makeup palette. It was a job well done!

C&C: How does a bride keep her look fresh all day?
KFS: The bride should always carry a clean cosmetic sponge, especially if she has oily skin. Makeup is NOT meant to last twenty-four hours no matter what an advertisement says. If it isn’t semi-permanent, it will disappear faster.

Dab or blend creasing areas with the clean sponge, then carefully move the makeup that has settled into the creases gently back into its proper location. It isn’t necessary to apply more makeup. Only if the majority of the makeup has completely rubbed off, apply more.

Since the bride will be eating and/or using her lips a lot, I suggest that she keeps a highly pigmented gloss of whatever color she chooses to reapply when needed.

C&C: I LOVE pictures!!! A great picture truly is worth a thousand words. I love to see images of your work.
KFS: Thank you. It is rewarding to see pictures that show a beautiful bride with her face flawless. I word hard to achieve the perfect look for each bride.

C&C: What is one makeup tip a girl cannot live without?
KFS: There is nothing better than a perfect foundation application. Some women really appreciate accented eyes, but if the foundation is slightly off, it takes attention away from the beauty of the eyes. I want my client’s face to look as close to her natural coloring as possible. Natural is always in!

C&C: What are the top makeup items every woman should carry in her makeup case on the go?
KFS: Lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, and a pair of almost natural lashes with a pinch of drama!

Thanks so much to Kymberly for all her wonderful makeup advice and tips. What to contact her email her at View some of Kymberly’s work below


Makeup by Kymberly Smith


Photography by JDV Photography

Summer Wedding Etiquette


Image Source Shutterstock

Happy Thursday and its Time for a New Blog. This week we have a guest blogger post. Let’s welcome Sanaa Brooks. Sanaa is 22 years old, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, a mother of a beautiful little girl, and a lover of all things wedding, music and marketing related. Sanaa started blogging before it became “cool” and has went from having a wedding blog, to a music blog, to finally transitioning to her lifestyle blog, Sanaa Brooks, in 2014. Sanaa has also blogged for The New York Wedding Company and continues to guest blog for others as she continues to grow her own blog. Today she will be talking about summer wedding etiquette.
With summer quickly approaching, wedding season is in full effect! (Time to par-tay!) But even if you’re not attending a wedding this summer, you may find these tips very handy in the case that you do attend a summer wedding at any point and time in your lifespan, as these rules don’t just apply to Summer 2015.

Short dresses are a summer statement but wearing a dress that’s too short to a wedding may be inappropriate. A wedding is usually a formal function, so leave the short, tight dresses at home ladies. There’s no reason you should look like you’re heading to the club! However, if long dresses aren’t your type, opt for a short cocktail dress. (Just as long as the dress doesn’t show anything when you bend down to pick up the fork you dropped, everything should be okay.)

Dress colors tend to be an issue sometimes, as some women never know what color to wear. Bright colors are trendy during the summer, so why not wear something colorful? Try to stay away from the colors white and black, as white is traditionally supposed to be the Bride’s dress color and black is traditionally worn at a funeral. Even if you’re not traditional, that doesn’t mean that the bride and groom aren’t.

Dress style’s are always important, especially if the wedding you’re attending will be held in a church as they may deem it a bit inappropriate to show your shoulders. So how can you still wear that beautiful strapless dress you just bought? Cover up with a light scarf that matches your dress, that way you’ll be covered up while inside the church, and you can take it off once your outside. (No need for a jacket when it’s 90 degrees out.)

Declining an invitation, is totally fine if you’ve already planned a vacation getaway or if you have family events to attend during that time, as the summer is a very popular time for others to getaway and relax. There is no reason you HAVE to say yes and change your schedule just because you feel obligated to attend. However, if you are saying no, please do so graciously. Mention that although you would love to attend, you already have plans that may not be able to be rescheduled. (It’s up to YOU if you want to send a gift if you can’t attend the actual wedding, just because you can’t attend, doesn’t mean you have to send them a gift! Although the thought is always appreciated.)

Quit complaining, we’re ALL hot! However, no one wants to hear someone constantly complain about the heat! So make sure you check the weather that day before attending and be prepared! If it’s an outdoor wedding, bring an extra bottle of water for during the ceremony. May be you’ll also want to bring a paper fan? For those who sweat a lot, try bringing a small towel, so your face isn’t covered in sweat while you’re taking photos, even if the rest of your body is.

Although we can’t please everyone, taking certain precautions when attending weddings can make things a bit easier for everyone! But try not to stress anything too much! Weddings are supposed to be a time for having fun, not a time for stressing yourself out. So enjoy it while you can!

Be Sure to visit and Subscribe to Sanaa’s Blog and stay tuned for more of her future guest post.

Attending Summer Wedding Comment Below with your Wedding Tips.

Be Creative – Use a Photojournalist for Your Wedding

Happy Friday! As you guys know photography is developing into a hobby that I am falling in love with. The reason I became interested in photography was to be able to take great photos to share with you guys to go along with my blog post. So last year I enrolled in a Photography Certificate program at a local university in my hometown. I have learned a lot so far and I am half way finished, along the way I have had some awesome photography teachers. One of teachers that I have learned a lot from is Vincent Lawson. I’ve learned to shot with my camera in manual mode, cool photography techniques, and the list goes on.  Vincent Lawson is an awesome photojournalist photographer and I had to feature him on my blog. Today Vincent Lawson is talking about some great tips for capturing those amazing moments at your wedding. Let’s get into the interview.

_LL90674 copy2

Photography by Vincent’s Photographs

C& C: Tell us a little bit about you and your company.
VP: I have been a photographer for over twenty years. I opened Vincent’s Photographs, a fine art photography company, seven years ago. We do a limited number of weddings each year to spotlight brides and their unique requests. We focus on many other photography projects as well.

C&C: What are some good tips you give brides when selecting a photographer?
VP: When selecting a photographer, you are selecting a style, so it is very important to become familiar with the photographer’s work. Brides should build a good relationship with the photographer, so they can work together comfortably and create beautiful photographs.

C&C: What is your photography style?
VP: Photojournalism. A photojournalist creates a story through the photographs.

C&C: Will you also take pictures from a shot list the bride wants?
VP: Shot lists are helpful, but most shot lists are directed or traditional poses. As a professional photographer, I encourage the bridal couple to use candid’s which can happen at any moment and are usually the best pictures, capturing the essence of the wedding that mean the most years later.

C&C: When is the best time to take pictures of the bride and groom, and bridal party?
VP: In a relaxed environment – usually before the ceremony.

C&C: What are some good tips to help couples work with their photographer to ensure they get the best pictures?
VP: Communication is the key! Through good communication, we can produce magnificent pictures that meet their needs, pictures they will value.

C&C: How can a couple get creative with their photos?
VP: It depends on the couple. Everyone has different wants and looks that make each wedding unique.

C&C: What is the most creative photo that you have ever taken?
VP: I have too many to choose just one.

C&C: What are different hues a couple can request for their photos?
VP: There are many, but black and white and sepia are very popular.

C&C: Any final tips to assist couples get wedding photos that are unique and special to them?
VP: Again, communication is a big key. It is essential to help the photographer find a style that best matches the personalities of the bride and groom.

View some of Vincent’s work below and if you live in the mobile area I would encourage you to go visit is latest photography exhibit History Museum of Mobile….click here to learn more about him and this awesome exhibit.

_VLL7452 copy2 copy

Photography by Vincent’s Photographs

scan0002 copy4

Photography by Vincent’s Photographs

Cotton Candy Delight Champagne Cocktail

So as you guys know I LOVE to make champagne cocktails. I have a new champagne cocktail for you to try. I hope you enjoy! It’s perfect for a signature cocktail for a wedding or a party. It’s simple, sweet, and of course it is tasty. This is a cocktail that your guest will surely enjoy.

Today’s champagne cocktail features Cotton Candy. YES cotton candy and champagne. I have always enjoyed cotton candy as kid and even more as an adult. So featuring this cocktail is only perfect. Let’s get to it.


Photography by Me

Here is what you will need:

Cotton Candy
Chilled Champagne or sparkling wine of your choice

Step 1. Pour some Grenadine in the bottom of glass to your desired taste

Step 2. Add some Cotton Candy into your Glass

Step 3. Fill your glass with Champagne over cotton candy

Step 4. Watch the Cotton Candy Melt.

Step 5.  Enjoy!

I hope you guys enjoy this simple and sweet cocktail. If you try it let me know how it goes! Leave your comments below.

Keeping the Spark Alive in Marriage..

Its time for the BUBBLY BLUES AND BLISS …Matchmaker Ana is back!

Question: How to keep the spark alive in marriage?



1.  Routines: Don’t get in them. If in them, get out of your current routines.

After two years, you’re in a comfortable routine—work, home, dinner, bed. Days off, you shop for things for the home, go out to eat, go to the movies, or visit friends. Wondering how I know? Because EVERY NEW COUPLE does this.

Remember when you first started dating? You actively looked for new ways to experience your partner. That does not have to end. Take an art class together. Go on day trips to semi-local places you’d never frequent by yourself. Take turns introducing something new to your relationship. You will be happy you did!

2.  New people: Introduce new people into your relationship. Wait! Hear me out.

Sex can get routine, too. Why do you think so many people cheat? Many are bored. They want sexual excitement. You can give your partner that. I call it ALL-DAY ROLEPLAY. You dress like your alter ego…meet your lover at a bar…use fake names. Flirt as if you’re single…go home with your new “friend”. Go all out! The rewards you reap will be worth it. I promise.

3.  Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

We aren’t really taught how to communicate and that spills over into never learning the communication styles of our partners. We fail to let our partners know when one way of communicating no longer suits us. Successful communication makes everything about your relationship better. Keep the lines of communication open – always! You’ll have a long and prosperous relationship.

Two years down. A lifetime to go. Isn’t that the saying? Keep believing in love. It’s such a beautiful thing when it’s done right. And it sounds like you are doing it right! Always remember your “why I fell in love” moment. Don’t allow things to get boring and routine. Keep it fresh! Good luck lovers!!  ( ˘ ³˘)♡

Your Dream Wedding is Possible


With the average cost of weddings steadily rising many couples opt out of having a huge celebration. R.Kristi offers another alternative to budget conciseness couples. A Pop-Up wedding celebration!

R.Kristi Modern Hospitality is the founder of the Blissful Grandeur: A Pop-Up Wedding Celebration. Blissful Grandeur opens the door for couples to have a truly unique wedding with all the bells and whistles of a celebrity-style celebration for under $5,000.

All the details are kept secret until the wedding day. This alternative focuses on millennials, complimenting the changes in our evolving lifestyles, trends, and economy and celebrates love in a big way.

Want to know how to Register?

Couples must send in their love story and a short video to be considered for participation in the Pop-Up Wedding Celebration in New York City.

Blissful Grandeur modernizes the celebration of marriage, allowing space for stronger bonds and unions to exist within loving relationships in the hopes of ultimately lowering the divorce rate.

Blissful Grandeur is currently looking for couples to participate in this multi-couple extravagant event. For more information on how to register or to learn more visit HERE.


Photography: Javier Royal



Photography: Javier Royal

Creative Director & Blissful Grandeur Concept Producer : Racquel Kristi of R.Kristi Modern Hospitality
Bridal Wardrobe Styling: Vainglorious Brides by Selina Howard
Photography: Javier Royal
Hair: 4 Ur Pleasure Beauty & Katy Cheng Levee
Makeup: Eloria Michelle-Beauty Concierge & Eze Nwanyi Makeup Artistry
Location: New York City

Go Unique for Mother’s Day

Mother'sDayPic3Mother’s Day is only a few days away. This is the year you do something unique for the woman you love beyond all others.

Sure, flowers are a great gift. Brunch or lunch at a good restaurant is one way to go. But what if this year, you really put some thought into what your Mom wants or truly needs.

Mothers on a tight budget who give everything they have to their children appreciate gifts that keep on giving.

Bath. What about a gorgeous shower curtain to replace the ancient one she keeps patching with tape? It spruces up her bath and tells her you understand. Beautiful and luscious smelling soaps in her favorite fragrance. Give her a luxury she would never give herself. Shop a store like Bath & Body Works, specialty gift stores, or upscale department stores to find what you need. One bar or bottle of truly good-for-the-skin soap is sooo worth it.

Cable Upgrade. For a few dollars a month, you can spread out your payments, and she can watch a premium channel when she finds time to sit down.

Netflix. Another spread the payments idea that gives her a chance to catch up on television shows and the latest movies.

Pedicure. Absolutely nothing will make your mom feel more pampered than relaxing in a massaging chair and having her feet softened and her toes brightened with a new summer polish.

Food Processor. If she has arthritis, she will love this gift! Makes her life simpler and easier. She will think of how special you are to think about her needs every time she uses it – a nice bonus.

Corkscrew. A fabulous gift is one of the new battery or electric corkscrews. It gets to the point much faster and lets the enjoyment begin! (also great for those with arthritis)

Letter. The perfect gift. Write it on beautiful stationery (I didn’t say expensive) and let her know what you are thinking about at this time in your life, how much she means to you, all the wonderful things you know she did for you, your hopes and dreams….Be sure and date it! Do not e-mail the letter. Write it with your own pen. Too late to get a letter across the country or around the world? Let her know via email, Skype, tablet, or a note in a bottle that something special is on the way. Her happiness will explode into glee when it arrives.

To All You Moms

May You Have the Happiest of Mother’s Days

Don’t forget to Accessorize, All of You Bridal’s

Creative Weddings from All of You Bridal’s

All of You Bridals

Custom Ring Pillow from All of You Bridal’s


Today we are talking with the owner of All of You Bridal’s, Ursula White, shares the reason she opened her successful company and some innovative info on the creative process.

C&C:  What inspired you to open All of You Bridal’s?
UW: I created my company because when my husband and I got married 15 years ago, I could not find the types of colorful wedding accessories that I wanted for the wedding. I made everything for our wedding, and the items were such a big success that friends and friends of friends, as well as family members, wanted similar beautiful items their weddings.

C&C: What are the most unique items you’ve made?
UW: I’ve had the opportunity to create so many unique items! Probably, the most different and unique item was a divorce ring pillow. But for a wedding, the best was a ring pillow in a glass bowl filled with fake water and rubber ducks. I loved that one!

C&C: What are some creative ideas that couples can use to get creative with their ring pillows, garters, flower baskets, and more?
UW: I have a very creative mind and can get lost in the designs if the decisions are left up to me with no limits. My designs span from theatrical to simple elegance. There is a never-ending palette of colorful ideas.

C&C: Are there any last minute tips you would offer to brides when it comes to creating their wedding dream wedding accessories?
UW: Don’t wait too late to order. Too many brides wait to choose accessories and miss the chance to have what they really wanted. Custom designs are lots of fun to create and bring out the couples personalities, but quality work, like mine, takes time to design and a lot of work to complete.

C&C: What is your favorite quote?
UW: Everything happens for a reason.

C&C: How can a couple shop for your lovely designs?
UW: Visit me at to see many of our beautiful items and to get ideas for your custom accessories.

Thanks so much to Ursula White for all her lovely tips. Don’t forget to follow All of You Bridal’s on Facebook! View Below some of her beautiful work.


Custom Garter by All of You Bridal’s


Custom Wedding Pillow by All of You Bridal’s


Custom Garter by All of You Bridal’s


Groom Inspiration for the Inspired and Stylish Groom

Today we are talking with the creator of Groom Inspiration about Groom style and trends. The wedding isn’t not just for the bride. It is the groom’s day too!

C&C: What inspired you to start Groom Inspiration?

GI: Groom Inspiration was created to provide grooms with a reference point when planning for their wedding. We wanted to assist grooms finding and wearing their unique look for their special day.

There are hundreds of pages that focus on brides and showcase bridal attire, but very few highlight information for grooms. This probably comes from the notion that grooms are not interested in putting much effort into their wedding day outfit and could get away with wearing ‘work suits’ on their big day.

Against this backdrop, and with a passion for seeing better-dressed grooms, this page came to be. I never considered myself a fashion expert; however, I have always had an interest in men’s fashion, and I was confident we could inspire and assist grooms in choosing appropriate attire for their special day.

C&C: What are some trends when it comes to groom style?

GI: White and off-white suits for the groom

Suit White - P Bello

Photography by Peter Bello

Blue three-piece suits

Suit Blue 3 Adebayoderu-129

Photography by Adebayo Deru


Matching colored socks for the groom and groomsmen

Coloured socks - Photocredit  AkintayoTimi

Photography by AkintayoTimi


Cravat T Philips

Photography by T. Philips

Superhero shirts

C&C: What are some great ways for the groom to coordinate with their bride on their wedding day?

GI: A new trend is the groom’s lapel flower being one of the flowers from the bride’s bouquet. This adds a personal touch and is a great way to coordinate the outfits and wedding colors.

We generally advise grooms to have an item or two for their groomsmen that coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses without going overboard. This could be matching lapel flowers, ties, cravats, socks, or wristbands to the bridesmaids’ bouquets or dresses.

C&C: Anything else you would like to share with future grooms and groomsmen?

GI: Every groom has a unique style, and this should be visible in his choice of clothes for the wedding.

It is also worth mentioning that grooms actually have more color choices than brides, as brides generally wear white, off-white, or cream dresses. Grooms can choose from various shades of black, grey, blue, white, or tan among many others. Grooms should use this to their advantage.

Whether you decide to go for a classic black suit and tie or a blue three-piece suit, make sure you look dapper.

Do not wait until the last minute to choose the groomsmen’s’ outfit. There is usually a lot more to arrange than one thinks, including proper fitting.

C&C: What is in store for Groom Inspiration in the future?

GI: Groom Inspiration was created about a year ago, and we currently have about 22,000 followers on Instagram, a testament that a groom-focused wedding page was needed and works.

We are currently focusing on growing our Instagram following by ensuring that our posts remain relevant and interesting. We are also working on our website to be launched shortly and will also continue to collaborate with more wedding and menswear pages to ensure that we continue to inspire a wide variety of grooms.

C&C: What is your favorite quote?

GI: I actually have two favorites: ‘Don’t forget why you started.’ and ‘Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.’

These two quotes have continued to inspire us in building Groom Inspiration and developing our brand. Our desire to continue to focus on inspiring grooms, which is specifically why we started, continues to motivate us. We make sure that each of our posts line up with this aspiration.

Thanks so much to Groom Inspiration for taking the time to talk with us be sure to follow on them on instagram at @GroomInspiration and check out their website

Spice up your Life Introducing The Bubbly Bliss and Blues



The Bubbly Bliss and Blues is here! The Bubbly Bliss and Blues is Champagne and Cakes relationship column. You can submit your questions about love, relationships, and dating  for The Bubbly Bliss and Blues. Here’s how it works.

Write a clear question that asks something specific in 100 words or less. Keep it clean. No profanity or obscene language will be accepted.

Submit your question through email be sure to put on the subject Questions for Bubbly Bliss and Blues

Your name and email address will not be included with the posted question. Give me a username to post with the question.

I will select one question to be answered each month for The Bubbly Bliss and Blues. Our contributor Matchmaker Ana will be answering your questions.

Thanks and don’t forget to submit your questions.

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